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27 Best High Income Skills that will Skyrocket Your Income

Doesn’t it seem strange that no one ever talks about the high-income skills you might find useful to learn when you’re growing up?

Instead, it’s the same old, worn-out advice to “follow your passion”.

Jeez, as if I knew what I was passionate about when I was 14 years old! 

Instead of talking about the kind of high-income skills that might help you skyrocket your income when you graduate into the big, wild world we’re encouraged to apply for careers with highly specialized skills.

These careers include choices such as becoming a doctor, lawyer or architect. But, and it’s a pretty big ole but, all of these career choices often require a lifetime of ongoing study.

Ok, maybe not a lifetime but 7 years of medical training before you’ve even got a job is a long, long time. 

Sure, jobs with highly specialized skills are generally paid well. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to develop high-income skills that could really change your life.

In other words; you don’t need to spend years of your life studying in order to develop high income skills.

But you do need to understand the importance of being able to sell your high income skills. This is why if you’re thinking about following any of the tips below and developing an online high income skill set I really recommend you think about creating a Freelance Seller Profile on Fiverr

Fiverr is the World’s Number 1 marketplace for selling high income skills – it’s a great platform and a huge resource in terms or training and education.

Basically all of the useful stuff you didn’t learn in school.  

So if your school careers advisor suggested that you should pursue a career in stacking shelves, or some other mindless repetitive job, just pause and think to yourself right now “screw you Mr, or Mrs, career advisor and screw your conventional wisdom!” 

Because with a little bit of strategic insight, and by exploring the opportunities below, you can easily set yourself on the path to a high income future. 

What are high income skills?

So what exactly are high income skills? 

To keep it short and sweet a high income skill is any skill you can develop that is in high demand. 

High demand = high income, so if you can become highly skilled in an area that is needed by others then it’s possible to create a high income over a very short period of time. 

And the best bit? These skills are not restricted by education, experience, or any other kind of conventional wisdom that encourages you to ‘stay in your lane’.

Soft skills vs Hard Skills 

Linkedin Learning has identified the most popular soft skills and hard skills needed most by companies in the graphic below.

What strikes me as really interesting about this list is that I would associate all of the soft skills and almost all of the hard skills with incomes that are generated mainly through business activities or entrepreneurship. 

One of the biggest misconceptions in the pursuit of a high income is that a college degree is required in any high income paying career path.

But over the last 20 years, the internet has cultivated a whole new industry of extremely high-paying roles and businesses that can generate significant incomes. 

At least 5 of LinkedIn’s top 10 skills are required when you start your own blog for example.

So if this graphic teaches you anything it’s this: a college degree is not a prerequisite for a high income. 

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn. After all, a skill is a skill – you’re only going to develop it by taking a consistent approach to your own personal learning.

Jump into the next section to learn the secrets behind developing high income skills and why rejecting conventional wisdom is, sometimes, the quickest way to get ahead.

3 Key Secrets to Developing High Income Skills

Developing high income skills might seem like it’s shrouded in mystery. But really it’s very simple, trust me. And it starts with understanding what a high income is. 

Whilst how far your money goes can really depend on where you live in the world, and what your living expenses are, we’re going to explore what a high income is based on average living expenses for a developed country. 

We’re also going to work towards a baseline of $100,000 annual income as the starting point for a high income. If you’re reading that and thinking that’s too low, then congratulations you’ve got plenty of motivation for developing your own high income skillset! 

So take the time to work out what a high income is for you, and don’t be afraid to be ambitious, it’s going to be the baseline that you’ll start working towards when you begin developing your high income skills.

  1. Develop high income skills based on market need, not personal interest

I love watching Netflix. 

That doesn’t mean I can make a career out of it. Too often we confuse what we are interested in, with what we can use in order to make money. 

You should focus on developing high income skills-based primarily on an area that you have identified as having a strong market need. If you have a personal interest in it, then that’s great, but it should not be your primary driver. 

  1. Take responsibility for your own learning and development

When I first started investing in the stock market I knew nothing about it and boy was it stressful!

I had the foresight to pull back, pause my dangerously over-enthusiastic investing, and spend several months reading everything I could get my hands on about investing before making any further investing. 

I did the same with real estate. By consuming dozens of books, including Rich Dad Poor Dad I learned how the rich invest and grow their wealth in real estate and applied those same lessons to my own investing strategies. 

When I wanted to learn how to build websites I bought WordPress courses online and taught myself. 

If you’re interested in building your own website I’ve condensed this information into a really easy to follow the guide right here on this blog: How to Start a Blog.

Other ways to develop your knowledge, learning, and skills include:

  • Take a paid course. Want to develop your online skills? Check our recommended online courses for online business right here  
  • Take formal classes – especially useful for developing a specialized skill
  • Find a mentor – to help guide you
  • Start an internship to learn the ropes

I began to realize that I could turn the knowledge I was learning into practical, strategic skills that would help me grow my wealth and make the right investments. 

Over time this exceeded the salary I had in my 9 to 5 job and I was able to quit working 9 to 5 in an office for good. 

You won’t create 100k skills or business immediately but by taking responsibility for your own learning and development you’ll begin to see how it’s possible to turn knowledge and learning into real-world skills that can make you money and change your life.

  1.  Focus On Being an Entrepreneur VS Being an Employee

If you’ve never made money outside of paid employment then this might seem like a big leap for you.

But I’m pretty sure you’re more experienced than you think.

Ever made money at a yard sale? Sold something on eBay? Produced something creative and sold it for money?  Then you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur! 

You already have the main skill required for developing an entrepreneurial business – the ability to sell.

If I’m honest with you I’m not a huge fan of the word “entrepreneur”.” For me, it conjures up a ruthless, shark-tank-style business person. Someone used to the cut and thrust of business.
And that’s not really me. If there was a word I’d probably choose ‘hustle’.

If you’re interested in setting up the ultimate hustle and want to learn how to get your own blog started, checked out my in-depth guide:

For some reason that fits my work ethic better. I’ve never worn a suit to work and I prefer a nuts and bolts, rough and ready approach that gets the job done and, I don’t know why, but hustle just fits better.

So if you’re ready to hustle and work out the best high income skills for your financial wellbeing let’s get to it and check out the 27 best high income skills you can start today.

You’ll notice throughout this guide that I refer to the online learning platform Fiverr – that’s because it’s not only the world-leading platform for learning new digital high income skills, it’s also a freelancer platform for selling your skills to the world.

I cannot emphasize this enough; there is no point in developing a new set of high income skills unless you are ready and willing to sell them and recruit clients. 

It’s how you get paid, so park your doubts at the door and make sure, once you’ve completed your training course, you sign up for a Freelancer Seller Profile with Fiverr.

The 27 best high income skills you can start without a college education 

I’ve divided this list into subcategories of high incomes skills to try and group areas of similarity.

Take into account that a number of these skills overlap and can be complementary. 

For example, if you decide to start your own blog, chances are that you’ll begin to learn and acquire new creative, administrative, marketing, technical and entrepreneurial skills.

But if you decide to focus on proofreading then the scope for your work is much smaller.  It really depends on what suits you – and once you’ve read through this list you should have a clearer idea. 

Admin High Income Skills


Do you love to create meaning through language? Is writing the best way, you know, to express yourself?

You might already have a skill inside your brain that could earn you a lot of money. 

I love writing because you can really focus your attention on conveying meaning. It’s also a more organized and structured way to communicate. And copywriting capitalizes on that. 

Copywriting is a skill anyone who enjoys writing can develop to sell things.

And anyone with a good eye for detail, a strong sense of prose, and a sound internet connection can get started. Check our Copyblogger, Contently and Very Good Copy for some amazing examples of bloggers who have turned copywriting into an art form. 

Income Range
Up to $10,000 plus commission

What You Do
Copywriters use their writing skills to sell. 

That’s why copywriters are in such high demand. It’s hard to write that perfect prose that can capture someone’s attention and persuade them to buy. 

But if you can develop this high income skill and nail copywriting you’ll join ranks of super successful wordsmiths you can literally turn words into money! 

Where You Can Earn
Every time you click a link in an email, on a website or blog, click on an advertisement or sign up for a new course your following a predetermined action that a business wants you to take; and it should benefit you too – that is the art of copy.  

Fiverr is a great platform for introducing your copy-writing skills to thousands of potential new clients. 

Not only does Fiverr help you to automate all of the boring, repetitive tasks like invoicing and payments, but their dedicated Workspace platform will also help you create a seamless freelancer profile that brings your high income skills into direct contact with new clients. 

Copywriters are paid so well because they provide revenue, through writing excellent copy, to business.  


Income Range
$61,000 + per year

What You Do
Proofreading is a complimentary high income skill to copywriting. Its focus is on helping other people improve text; whether by improving accuracy, spelling, meaning, or grammar. 

At its core proofreading is about training yourself to write with a greater level of self-awareness and foresight. 

Proofreading forces you to ask yourself; what is it you’re trying to say? What meaning do you wish to convey? And if you have a natural eye for detail it could be the perfect high income skill for you. 

Where You Can Earn
Fiverr is the number one online workspace for creating a presence online and introducing yourself to thousands and thousands of potential new clients. 

Fiverr is the number one online workspace for creating a presence online and introducing yourself to thousands and thousands of potential new clients. 

Not only does Fiverr help you to automate all of the boring, repetitive tasks like invoicing and payments, but their dedicated Workspace platform will also help you create a seamless freelancer profile that brings your high income skills into direct contact with new clients. 

Teaching, training or coaching

Income Range

What You Do
I know what you’re thinking – teaching? Unlimited income? Seriously?

But you have to reframe your idea of what teaching, training or coaching might look like. After all some of the biggest online businesses in the world were founded on the simple premise of teaching somebody something new. 

Tony Robbins has a net worth of $600 million. That’s over half a billion dollars! And he has made his fortune by becoming a very successful author, coach, speaker and trainer. Everything he does and all of te money he makes rests of the simple principle of personal empowerment. 

Where You Can Earn

You can teach anything, anywhere – but you have to be passionate and committed.

This blog is a platform for me to teach financial strategies, tips and tricks to enable personal freedom. I’m totally committed to sharing my journey and helping others to achieve the same.

And a blog is a great foundation to start from. Once you’ve figured out your subject and what you want to teach open up your ideas to a world full of people and start helping them with your expertise and knowledge. 

To do that you’ll have to get started with your own blog, so head over to my How to Start a Blog Guide to get started.  

Creative High Income Skills

Start A Blog

Income Range

What You Do
You blog.

Yup, believe it or not starting a blog is still one of the best ways to create an online income. Just for a moment think about anything that you search for online…

It could be a review, a product, a recipe a place to go traveling, or a new fitness regime. 

Nearly everything top search result relating to almost everything you search for will bring you to a blog or a review site (which is another type of blog) that helps add value and meet your search query.

When you start a blog you are figuring out how to add value to someone else’s life and trust me, there’s money in them there online hills. Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents makes an astonishing 100k a month.   

Where You Can Earn
The beach, your apartment. Your mom’s house. Basically anywhere with an internet connection.

Want to figure out how to get up and running with some high income blogging know-how? Head over to my Start a Blog Guide.

Online Course Creation

Income Range

What You Do
Creating an online course is a bit like starting a blog with the difference being that your specifically create a tailored product, with a pay-wall, designed to meet someone else’s learning needs. 

When I started this blog I did ton’s of course but the main ones that really helped me get going are detailed on the Blogging Kit page. 

Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO is one of those courses, and to be honest, my favorite course. Mike has such a clear and concise way of breaking down the subject of SEO that really makes it easy to understand and takes away the mystery around SEO. 

It’s a course that I intend on completing again to really help cement those lessons and I really recommend it. 

Even if you intend to create a course about something entirely unrelated to SEO or digital marketing this course will still help you promote your own course online, through a greater understanding of the SEO required to get up in those search results. 

Additionally, it will provide an amazing template for your own course creation. Mike has dedicated his life to helping others and this course is going to set you on the right path. 

You can up for the Stupid Simple SEO course here.

Where You Can Earn
The amazing thing about nailing your SEO is that you can apply it to your own online projects or you can sell this as a high income skill in and of itself (see below). You might not be interested in creating your own blog but instead, prefer the idea of supporting others to improve their SEO in which case the next option would be a better choice for you. 

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant (SEO)

Income Range
$69,499 accordingly to Zip Recruiter
$60-250 per hour on Fiverr

What You Do
If you’re not interested in setting up you’re own blog but you wouldn’t mind becoming an SEO consultant for other businesses and brands… then this can work out tom be very lucrative indeed.

Unless you’re already an SEO expert (and let’s be honest would you be reading this if that was the case) then you’ll need to complete Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO Course – it is simple the best SEO course and resources available online. 

Where You Can Earn
Once you’ve trained yourself in the necessary SEO high income skillset that this course will provide Fiverr is going to be the best platform for selling your services; this is simply because it it the biggest and therefore exposes you to the most potential new clients. 

Graphic Designer

Income Range
$500 to $5,000 per month

What You Do
If you have any kind of background in image editing, graphic design, or other creative work then this could be an excellent high income skill for your to cultivate. 

I love designing my own graphics and the online design platform Canva is a great platform to get started to find out just how creative you are. 

I use Canva to design the logo, all the graphics on my blog, and all my Pinterest pins – It’s great and a super useful way to hone your graphic design skills!

If you need to improve your Graphic Design high income skills it’s worth investing in an online course

Where You Can Earn
Fivver is not only a great place to learn better graphic design you can also sell your graphic design skills here as well. 

Podcast Creator

Income Range
Unlimited – Podcasts can make a huge amount of money. The average 30-second CPM (cost per 1k listener) raters are $18, with 60-second CPMs rising to $25.

This means that a hugely popular podcast of around 420 million downloads (such as The Ringer) can earn up to a whopping $15 million in ad revenue, as it did in 2018.  

What You Do
Think of a podcast as an audio blog. It’s a curated program consisting of a series of episodes in spoken word format and focus on a particular topic or theme, like personal finance, startups, diet, nutrition, fitness, motherhood… you get the picture.  

Where You Can Earn
There are loads of ways to monetize your podcast but a popular route is through Patreon which is a platform enabling artists and creators to receive payment from their listeners. 

Other routes include sponsors and advertising, affiliate advertising, courses, services, and premium content. 

YouTube Content Creator

Income Range

What You Do
YouTube Content Creators (YTC) in the broadest sense if anyone who uploads video content to YouTube. Most YTC focus on niche categories which can range from anything to skits, technology, fashion, travel, style, reviews, film and music. 

In many ways, they are just like influencers on social media platforms, but there are some key distinctions: YTCs generally favor long-form content, production values can be high and they generally have a clear focus. 

Here are 12 Quick Tips to help you get started:

  1. Always Upload Quality Content to Your Channel
  2. Focus on Keywords and Choose Your Titles and Descriptions Carefully
  3. Use Annotations at the Beginning and End of Your Videos
  4. Create a Captivating YouTube Trailer 
  5. Customize Your Video Thumbnails 
  6. Post New Videos Often
  7. Record long-form  Videos 
  8. Collaborate With Other YouTubers
  9. Use Social Networks to Attract More Subscribers
  10. Interact with your Followers
  11. Keep up with the latest trends
  12. Collaborate with sponsors and brands

Where You Can Earn
YouTube. To start earning money from ads on YuoTube you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last year. Once you’ve passed this threshold you can apply to the YouTube Partners Program, which means you can monetize via ads, subscriptions, and channel memberships. 

Video/Photo Editing and Production

Income Range
$47,000 per annum salary
$40-150 per hour on Fiverr

What You Do
Video editing is a lot of fun, and if you’re more interested in helping and editing other people’s content to make it look awesome then becoming an editor might be the right fit for you. 

With the amazing technologic advances in smartphones, almost anyone today can become a video or photo editor. Adobe is a great piece of software, it can be quite expensive but it’s a professional-level kit. 

And if you’re not quite sure where to start you can take a course on Fiverr to start learning the basics. 

If photography is more up your street check out my guide in the best photo management software around. A great place to check out existing photographic talent and monetize your own is Deposit Photos.  

Start a side hustle. Image credit: Garrhet Sampson
Start a side hustle. Image credit: Garrhet Sampson

Where You Can Earn
You can sell your video and photo editing skills on Fiverr – signing up for a freelancer account here is a great way to introduce you to clients and start building up your networks. 

Selling High Income Skills


Income Range

What You Do
Selling is one of the oldest jobs around. Why? Because it’s what people want. In fact, almost everything on this list is a form of selling (including this blog!) it’s just dressed up in something creative that fits the interests and passions of the person selling. 

Remember every successful person in the world is a salesperson of some sort. Bill Gates sold computers, Steve Jobs sold computers with style and even our Presidents and Political leaders are selling ideas. 

This is why the earning potential is unlimited and why sales is undoubtedly one of the best high income skills you can learn. 

Not everyone is cut out for the ‘hard sell’ – this describes and very proactive approach to sales that encourages people to buy from the outset. 

But that doesn’t mean sales is not for you. For example; this blog is a form of selling. In this post I am encouraging you to take advantage of courses and online education that improve skills, mainly through Fiverr

Because Fiverr is a great marketplace both for learning new skills but also selling your existing skills.

If you buy a course on Fiverr I may receive a commission. It’s something I recommend because I use it myself, but it’s also a form of selling. 

Where You Can Earn
Everywhere! Buying and selling is something we all do almost every day. So don’t be intimidated by it. 

Start a blog, learn a new skill on Fiverr or start creating networks as a freelancer to sell your existing skills. 

It’s a high income skill that anyone can learn, doesn’t matter how introverted you are; because there is something on this list for everyone and remember, when it comes to sales the earning potential is unlimited!

Affiliate Marketing

Income Range

What You Do
Affiliate Marketing is sales. 

But it can be difficult to get your head around because technically you’re not making the sale, you’re making the recommendation.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions every time someone clicks on a link, provided by you, and then goes on to make a purchase from a company. 

All of the links to Fiverr on this post are affiliate marketing links. You only get paid every time a person who clicks on that ‘affiliate’ link goes on to make a purchase. 

So if you decide to take a course out on Fiverr as a result of this post, a commission will be generated and paid. 

The reason why affiliate marketing is so popular is that once you’ve created a blog post, or a video, or anything with a clickable, affiliate link on there is very little work today thereafter. It can provide a great source of passive income whilst you sleep. 

My graphic here illustrates the process of affiliate marketing. Please feel free to use it on your own blog as long as you link back to this post. 

how affiliate marketing works

If you’re new to affiliate marketing I really recommend you complete the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This course was created by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, a phenomenally successful blog that generates over 100k a month! 

Where You Can Earn
You can earn anywhere online that you can, legally, place an affiliate link.

This could be anything from a video description to a Pinterest link or link on your social media.

However, a great place to start your own affiliate marketing is on your own blog. Check out my In-depth Start a Blog Guide to get started. 

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Income Range
Up to $60,872 according to Digital Marketing Jobs

What You Do
Digital Marketing is a term that covers a lot. In terms of developing a high income skills it’s a great one to focus on because there is so much demand for it –  believe it or not companies now spend around 60% on average of their ad spend on digital marketing activities. 

So what does it cover? Well, your going to need to know all of your social media platforms inside out from Twitter to TikTok and a deep understanding of their individual analytics and metrics will help you understand how effective your digital marketing campaigns are.

Pinterest is also a fantastic way to get to grips with Digital and Social Media Marketing because as a platform its focus is on topics, products, and services (rather than individuals).

To level up your Pinterest game check out this online course: Pintresting Strategies by Carly – I’ve done this course twice now; it’s a great introduction to the world of Pinterest.  

Digital and social media marketing is a huge topic to cover which is why, if you’re serious about developing your social media game into a Digital Marketing career it’s worth investing in a digital marketing course on Fiverr.

Or if you prefer to get a taste of it first, try these 50 Free Online Marketing Classes courtesy of Hubspot. 

Where You Can Earn
Most organizations now employ a Digital Marketing Expert – keep your eyes on the local jobs board, enquire with companies you’re interested in working for, or register yourself on Fiverr as a freelancer ready for hire. 

Technical High Income Skills


Income Range
$70,000 to 200,00 according to Cryptocurrencyjobs

Unlimited as an investor/creator

What You Do
You’d be forgiven for thinking blockchain means cryptocurrency but it’s not quite that simple.

Cryptocurrency in and of itself has made many people extremely rich and it’s because these currencies were created on the blockchain system which is a method of storing information and duplicating it across a network. 

This makes it harder to compromise because no one computer can be hacked – the information is spread out over a network with many computers recording the transactions. 

It’s also why crypto is so controversial – it doesn’t need to be routed through the traditional government-controlled currency system; it bypasses all of that. And because there are some huge opportunities within blockchain it has created the early investors in crypto very rich. 

A friend of mine invested $300 in bitcoin in its early days. That $300 is now worth over $300,000 – unbelievable! 

Where You Can Earn
Blockchain is a huge sector that is only set to grow in the coming years and decades. With that in mind, it can sometimes seem a little daunting knowing where to begin.

Here are 8 Free Courses to bring you up to speed with  

Web Developer

Income Range
$77,200 to 107,620 according to money.usnews

What You Do
Web developers are responsible for developing, designing, and creating websites and website applications. 

make an extra $500 from home

With the development of WordPress, which accounts for over 60% of all online sites worldwide, it’s now possible for anyone to become a web developer. 

It can be a great high income skill to develop if you’re not ready to start your own blog. But all of the technical skills required to set up a website are covered in my guide to starting your own blog, which is a fantastic resource to begin.

You can also develop multiple websites with a hosting account that allows you to have multiple sites under one hosting plan. 

I use GreenGeeks and I can’t recommend them enough. They were the first hosting provider to introduce carbon-negative hosting into their plans; which means they actively reduce the carbon in the atmosphere by up to 300% of the energy they use.   

It’s also a good idea to invest in a couple of user-friendly themes. This is the WordPress stylistic framework you will use to develop your sites. Both the Elegant Themes and Newspaper Theme are great templates to start using.  

They can both be adapted to create any sort of site really and with tons of functionality, they should stand you in good stead if you decide website development is for you.

Where You Can Earn
Registering on Fiverr as a freelancer is a great place to start as it will introduce you to people the world over looking for website developers. 

User Experience (UX)

Income Range
$98,816 to $166,940 according to Career Foundry

Up to $500 per hour on Fivver

What You Do
User Experience Designers work to create a beautiful and seamless experience between humans and products or services. 

Just think about anytime you interact with a product or service – that’s essentially a User Experience and because that’s an essential priority for all companies it’s a great high income skill to develop. It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t hold a job-specific degree. Think social sciences, humanities or the arts.

That’s because the ‘User Experience’ is about understanding human psychology, interaction, and experience. 

Interested? Here’s a fab guide from Career Foundry and a free course for anyone looking into UX Design. 

Where You Can Earn
As the biggest education and freelancer marketplace in the world, Fiverr is a great place to take a course in UX and to sell your UX services on the Freelancer Marketplace.
As the biggest education and freelancer marketplace in the world, Fiverr is a great place to take a course in UX and to sell your UX services on the Freelancer Marketplace.

App Developer

Income Range
Up to $7,500 per month according to BusinessofApps
Up to $5,000 on Fiverr

What You Do
App Development continues to grow and grow…. And grow.

Drive for Uber

Mobile app ecosystems are rapidly growing, especially the Internet of Things ecosystem, Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI  technologies, with an expanding multi-million army of mobile app developers.  

An application developer’s will go about their day coding, designing, application management, troubleshooting, monitoring updates and possible security threats, and providing end user support. 

You can find out more about the courses available in App Development with Fiverr Learn

Where You Can Earn
App Development is a great high income skill to have because by developing this skillset and gaining experience in this area you are learning the kind of opportunities available, so that perhaps one day in the future you can create the next big thing in App Development.

Enquire with companies you’re interested in working for, or register yourself on Fiverr as a freelancer ready for hire. 

Entrepreneurial/Hustler High Income Skills

Start an online business

Income Range

What You Do
Starting an online business is a great way to make money because you can focus it on the topics and tings that interest you. 

Ben Francis, the brains behind Gym Shark, started his fitness apparel and accessories brand whilst studying at university. Ben was working as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut when he started the business.

He developed his own website and started dropshipping bodybuilding supplements before going onto manufacturer fitness clothing, initially by making the clothes in his parent’s garage.

The company is now worth in excess of $1 billion dollars. 

Whatever anyone tells you, you do not need a million bucks to start your own business. You just need the drive and determination to succeed. 

Starting an online business is a great way to monetize something that already fascinates you. Check out my guide to starting your own website – every online business needs a storefront.

Once you’re up and running you might want to learn more about drop-shipping, which is how Ben Francis started out. This Ultimate Guide will help you get started. 

Where You Can Earn

Real Estate

Real Estate is all about Location, Location, Location!

Income Range

What You Do
Why is investing in property such a good idea? In a word… leverage.

What other investment allows you to go to the bank and leverage in up to 90% of someone else money via one of the biggest wealth creation tools in history… the humble mortgage?

Mortgages can even give you so much flexibility – you can even purchase and control the property without paying off the capital until the end of the term via an interest-only mortgage.

This means your rental investment property can give you a much higher cashflow than if you were also paying off the capital.

You can also leverage in trusted friends, family or a partner to boost the amount of mortgage you can apply for and reduce your overheads by not bearing all the costs yourself.

Leverage is what makes real estate such an attractive investment and its a term that will come to be familiar with as you research more about the real estate investment options open to you.

Check out my detailed guide to real estate investing, based on personal experience. 

Where You Can Earn
Anywhere in the world with an active real estate market.

Stock Market Investing

Income Range

What You Do
Investment is, in the most basic sense, essentially the transference of a proportion of your wealth to a company, in exchange for partial ownership of that company via shares, in the hope that the company will grow in profitability and increase the value of your shares. 

When you make an investment you are looking for the best return possible. You may hugely support the work of the company you are investing in but you are not making a donation to a charity to support a good cause. You buy shares in the company in the hope that those shares will provide a net return to you in the form of capital gain (your investment will go up) and/or you will receive an annual dividend income in the form of payments to shareholders. 

Read my Full Guide on Investing for Beginners to make sure you fully understand the risks involved. 

Where You Can Earn
To get started with investing you’ll need to open an Investment Account. I highly recommend Etoro and use it myself because you can trade in international shares, such as Tesla, Google and Apple.

Etoro also has copy trader functionality which means you can let the expert traders do the hard work for you, simply by setting your account to automatically copy their trades.

To Sum Up

This is a really huge post about high income skills and I hope it’s given you some ideas, and hopefully inspiration, about the kind of things that can be achieved when you put your mind to it. 

Some of the best high income skills that you can focus on include sales, digital marketing, copywriting, web design, SEO and blogging. They can also bring about an unlimited source of income and the best thing about all of these skills….

Literally, anyone can learn them.

That’s the secret; you don’t need a college education or have to spend 3-7 years getting a degree. 

In fact you can develop all of the high income skills detailed in this list with the right determination, drive and commitment. 

Take those characteristics, throw in a decent internet connection and you have every possibility open to you. 

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