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51 Genius Ways You Can Get Paid To Walk

A brief history of walking

Sometime roughly between 3 to 6 million years ago our distant ancestors started to explore beyond the relative safety forests. As they ventured out onto the open plains they started to stand and walk upright to get a better view, literally, and increase their chances of survival in the grasslands.

Gradually this evolved into a permanent mode of walking upright. The exact nature of why us humans started to walk on two feet is still shrouded in mystery but our understanding of how we became the only major bipedal species on the planet, and what it means for personal health, is gradually becoming clearer.

This has huge implications for us because the more we learn about ourselves, our past and our evolutionary history, the more we can shape our health, our present and our future for the better. 

In the natural world walking on two feet is, well, weird! We’re the only large mammals that do it (hopping doesn’t count). Just look at how strange this bear looks – I promise it’s not a man in a suit!


I know what you’re thinking: ‘so what?’ but walking on two feet gave us a huge evolutionary ‘step’ forward – and understanding that helps us to prioritise the way we’re supposed to naturally move…. We’re built to walk. 

Walking not only freed up our hands for tool-use, it’s a more efficient way of moving around. It enabled humans to evolve into endurance athletes, giving them height to see to the horizon, and allowing them to cover the huge distances that enabled the human species to conquer the natural world on a global scale.

In short; we are supremely adapted to the activity of walking and doing it keeps us healthy. 

Powerful Health Benefits of Walking    

There are thousands of studies that demonstrate the health benefits of walking and yet its something that we do on a daily basis without thinking. 

Walking can provide a significant health, and mental, wellbeing boost that’s just as good as running. And many people find walking more attainable. The benefits of just 30 mins walking per day include:

  • Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness supporting heart and lungs
  • Reduction in the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • improved management of  hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes
  • Stronger bones, stamina and improved balance
  • Increased muscle strength, mobility and endurance
  • Burns body fat
  • Increased mental wellbeing, especially when walking in natural environments  

Can You Really Get Paid To Walk?

So let’s get to it, can you really get paid to walk? In a word, yes.

Whether you’re looking to earn money and get paid to walk directly or more interested in creating a side hustle or taking on a job that gets you out from behind a desk and keeps your fitness levels up then this is the guide for you. 

We’ll cover every single aspect of how you can get paid to walk, the best apps to download, the easiest walking side hustles to start and the most rewarding jobs that involve walking. 

If walking makes you feel good and you want it to be a significant part of your working life, bookmark this guide and make sure you come back to it when you’re looking for a little walking inspiration. 

Top 15 Apps That Will Pay You To Walk For Fitness

Earning money, gift cards, offers, discounts and free gifts via ‘get paid to walk’ apps won’t make you rich overnight but they will give you the chance to grab some freebies and gift cards or bitcoin you can exchange for cash. 

Most of these apps are free and can reward you for stuff you already do. Our No 1 choice is Sweatcoin.

sweatcoin logo

1. Sweatcoin

Monetisation model: Blockchain, Crypto & Advertising
Compatible with: iOS, Android

Sweatcoin is the very first ‘get paid to walk’ walking app that I downloaded, which is why it’s number 1 in this list. And I love using it.  

It works by rewarding you with ‘sweatcoins’ for real world steps, which you can use to buy offers, goods, services, experiences and high-tech products. In fact I saw a Vanmoof Bike on one sweatcoin auction the other day. I didn’t quite have enough sweatcoins to bid, but those bikes retail at around 2,000 bucks – which means someone got a free, luxury bike because of their walking.

You can also exchange your sweatcoins for amazon or PayPal gift cards and sweatcoin are looking to add a cash-out option in the future.

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

“Sweatcoin has achieved sustainable physical activity behaviour change using a viable business model that can continuously reward its users for being active. Future public health organisations may benefit from establishing partnerships with the commercial sector to deliver sustainable incentive-driven programmes.”

British Journal of Sports Medicine

You can boost the number of sweatcoins you get each day by watching ads, purchasing a booster package, with sweatcoins, or recommending the app to friends in order to get your rate up. It might take time to build up your sweatcoin balance, but that depends on how much you engage with the app and once you’ve got a substantial balance you can get your hands on some pretty nice products.  

2. Lifecoin

Monetisation model: Blockchain & Crypto
Compatible with: iOS, Android

LifeCoin operates in a similar vein to SweatCoin and rears you for walking or running. 

You collect LifeCoins with every GPS confirmed Step. The more steps you take the more you earn.


The app counts the physical steps you take using the technology inside your phone and converts those into ‘LifeCoins’ which can then be used for redeeming gift cards to buy high-tech goods, sporting equipment, gadgets and other products. 

Note: LifeCoin works in a very similar way to Sweatcoin, but if your focussed on walking for rewards then I recommend you choose SweatCoin at this stage in time because Sweatcoin gives you the ability to join higher levels and earn more coins. 

Additionally, because these particular tracking apps use your phone’s GPS then can have an impact on battery life, which means it’s more energy efficient to run one app rather than several simultaneously. 

Download on App Store
Download on Google Play

3. Paidtogo

Monetisation model: Membership, Pro Plans & Advertising
Compatible with: iOS, Android

If you want an app that pays out cold, hard cash via PayPal then Paidtogo is the app for you.

There’s a free program called Paidtogo Coins and a paid program ($14.99/month, $29.99/quarter) called Paidtogo Pro.

Paidtogo Coins – Users earn 1 Coin for every mile they walk or run. Earnings are capped at 10 Coins per day and 2 Coins are added for sharing on socials. When a payout trigger limit is reached users can claim the payout from the Paidtogo Store in the app using their Coins. Payment is made within 30 days.

Paidtogo Pro – Earnings cap is tripled to 90 Coins per day and users can earn 2 Coins per mile instead of 1 Coin. Pro also allows users to Sync with Apple Health and track activities in the background without opening the app. When a payout trigger is reached you can purchase a Paypal Payout from the Paidtogo Store with $50, $100 and $500 Payouts available.

Benefits include the ability to:

  • GPS tracking and multi-dimensional running data statistics display including: route map, distance, pace, speed, calories, elevation, and heart rate
  • Real-time step counter and converts steps into SPC currency which can be exchanged into prizes, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences
  • Bluetooth connectivity available with unique Runtopia intelligent running shoes
  • Real-time audio coach that gives real-time feedback and advice on running form
  • Customized running workout plan
  • Variety of in app live races and honor rewards to help motivate you

There’s even a sister app with a focus on getting paid to bike. More about that here.

Download on App Store
Download on Google Play

step drop app

4. Stepdrop

Monetisation model: Blockchain & Crypto
Compatible with: iOS, Android

Stepdrop by Young is the app that allows you to earn money by walking, playing, and learning.

With the app, you will win our cryptocurrency, the Young (YNG).

The YNG can be used on the Young Platform, the exchange that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency, to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others with discounts on fees.

Stepdrop gives you the opportunity to join their own unique crypto ecosystem where you can earn crypto and make money by walking or even reading an article. 

Walk, play and learn with Stepdrop and win prizes in YNG tokens.

You can walk and claim steps to complete in ‘Quests’ and climb the Rankings. If you try to accumulate as much as you can you will stay in the lead and win YNG.

Stepdrop monitors your progress, proposes new Quests to test your determination and that of the Stepdrop community and to motivate you to exercise.

Stepdrop does not use your location (GPS) in any way: the steps accumulated during the day are calculated only thanks to the step-counter built into your smartphone.

Download on App Store
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runtopia app logo

5. Runtopia

Monetisation model: Blockchain & Crypto
Compatible with: iOS, Android

Got a focus on running?

You can now get all the best running data for your runs and earn at the same time!

woman running marathon

Runtopia is a running app, which not only enables you to track and analyze your own runs but takes advantage of your phone’s step counter to convert steps into currency units called SPC coins. 

This can be spent on sports gear, prizes and services on the in-app shop:

Key features include:

  • GPS tracking and multi-dimensional running data statistics display including: route map, distance, pace, speed, calories, elevation, and heart rate
  • Real-time step counter and converts steps into SPC currency which can be exchanged into prizes, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences
  • Bluetooth connectivity available with unique Runtopia intelligent running shoes
  • Real-time audio coach that gives real-time feedback and advice on running form
  • Customized running workout plan
  • Variety of in app live races and honor rewards to help motivate you

If you want a runner focussed community download this app, get paid from each step to keep fit, achieve your exercise goal, and enjoy running to keep fit!

Download on App Store
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6. RunWage

Monetisation model: Gamification
Compatible with: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Fitbit

cash for steps app logo

7. Cash for Steps

Monetisation model: Gamification: win cash prizes
Compatible with: iOS iPhone or iPod touch

If you want an app that doesn’t need to stay open all day and potentially impact your battery than Cash for Steps is the app for you. 

The Cash for Steps app uses your phone’s Health app to receive your latest fitness activity including Steps as well as the Walking and Running Distance statistics, which it then displays in the app. 

By using the iPhone Health app Cash for Steps can also receive and sync fitness activity from your Apple Watch.

So how do you get money?

  • Walk every day and the system will automatically select 20 random users within yesterday’s top 200 and they will receive $1 each
  • Reach achievements and for each achievement you reach with 5 stars you’ll get $1. Some achievements you can reach only once, but survey achievement is unlimited!
  • Withdraw money with PayPal or Amazon gift cards!

New leaderboard and new winners are announced every day!

You don’t need to keep the app running all the time to track your progress, just open it at least once a day to sync your stats.

Download on App Store

charity miles app logo

8. Charity Miles

Monetisation model: Corporate sponsorship to generate donations
Compatible with: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Fitbit

Do you want to get fit and make a difference at the same time?

Charity Miles is the exercise app that calculates how much you move and donates to the causes and people you feel most passionate about. 

The app lets you log all types of movement, from running and walking to dancing and biking. You can sign up to log your ‘moves’ and change the world for the better in any way that fits your lifestyle.

After every mile you move, you will help earn money for your charity from Charity Miles’ corporate sponsorship pool. You can also get sponsored by your friends. 

There are four general ways to earn for your charity:

  • Charity Miles’ corporate sponsorship fund.
  • The charities’ corporate sponsors.
  • Pledges and donations from friends and family.
  • Companies that sponsor their employees through our Employee Empowerment Program.

Download on App Store
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puml app logo

9. PUML Better Health

Monetisation model: Corporate sponsorship
Compatible with: iOS, Android

PUML Better Health is on a mission to turn your healthy choices into cash and they achieve this through corporate sponsorship to help you reward you.

So if your company could benefit from a corporate wellness initiative get them onto PUML.

There are 3 basic steps to earning with PUML Better Health:

  • Step 1: Corporates and brands sponsor healthy living, physical and mental challenges for you to compete in.
  • Step 2: Get rewarded when you participate with discount codes, merchandise & PUML Coins.
  • Step 3: Spend your Coins on products, trade them for cryptocurrency or donate them to charity!

Watch the video to find out more or sign up below:

Download on App Store
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Betterpoints app logo

10. BetterPoints (UK)

Monetisation model: Rewards for behavioural change for health and environmental benefits
Compatible with: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Fitbit

The goal at BetterPoints is to pioneer technology to help people adopt new behaviours and adapt to changing situations. They want people to change their behaviour to cut air pollution, reduce congestion and improve health & wellbeing.

So how do they do it?

The BetterPoints mobile
app combines tracking, motion sensing and user interaction with sophisticated server side algorithms that verify activities and characteristics.

It works through their structured ‘challenges cycle’ which is delivered as a core challenge that typically lasts for 3, 6, 12 or
 36 months and uses a mix of goals and rewards to deliver your objectives.

Each cycle goes through 4 stages:

  • Gamification
  • Tracking
  • Rewards
  • Messaging

Learn more or download the app here

stepbet app logo

11. StepBet

Monetisation model: gamification
Compatible with: iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Fitbit 

Stepbet takes it into the gamification arena and encourages you to think beyond just workouts with games designed to inject more activity into every hour of your day.

stepbet games

At its core StepBet is a fitness game that motivates you to be more active. Players “bet” on themselves to meet their personalized step goals during every week of the game, and win money if they do. The cash prize, accountability, and community support help you build a more active lifestyle.

You win money if you hit your personalised step goals for an entire game. The pot is split by other winners which means you will recoup your bet plus the profit from winnings. 

Amounts vary but the average bet is $40 and games last approximately 6 weeks.

The platform states that “StepBet is not gambling because it is fundamentally based on steps you take, and not an element of chance. In other words, whether or not you win is in your control, not random like gambling.’

And the best bit? StepBet has a No Lose Guarantee so that you’ll never lose money if you reach your goal.

If a little bit of competition can really help to get you motivated and you like the social aspect of an online community then StepBet might be what works for you.  

That’s 11 of the most popular apps available that can help you get paid to walk. 

There are even more apps that you can investigate but in terms of best value for your time you’re going to get the most rewards from an app that has the widest possible audience because all of the monetisation methods depend on reaching as many people as possible.

That’s why we recommend Sweatcoin; it is the most popular, it has the highest number of ways to boost your sweatcoins and it has the widest range of offers and monetisation.

Still unsure? Check out the best of the rest….

12. One Million Steps

13. FitPotato

14. Circle Care

15. Lympo

Get Paid To Walk Side Hustles

Downloading apps isn’t the only way to get paid to walk. In fact there are literally hundreds of ways that you can integrate walking into ways to earn. 

Starting a side hustle that means you get paid to walk will integrate your daily exercise goals with a way to make money on the side. Check the most popular side hustles below that include a high level of exercise. How you choose to move, be it walk, run or bike, is really up to you.

Deliver Stuff

Delivering stuff is one of the easiest and most simple ways to get paid to walk because all it involves is collecting an item on behalf of a company, heading to an address and delivering to the company’s customer. 

deliver stuff: get paid to walk

And it’s a great side hustle to get going because literally anyone with two legs can do it. 

Postmates is the largest, most reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform.

Able to deliver anything from anywhere, Postmates is the food delivery, grocery delivery,whatever-you-can-think-of delivery app to bring what you crave right to your door.

Postmates currently operates in the US. You can sign up to deliver here.

Deliver Food

Deliveroo is the food delivery app which operates in 13 countries around the world including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

Most Deliveroo contractors deliver food on their bikes; so this option is more of a get paid to bike, rather than get paid to walk. But you’re still getting your fitness levels up and making money at the same time. 

You’ll need your own bike, but the application process is pretty simple. And you can sign up here to become a rider.

Become A Dog Walker

The ultimate, old-school side hustle for people who love to get paid to walk, dog walking as been around for as long as rich people have owned dogs. 

But it was only professionalised in 1960 when, In the United States, the first professional dog walker who is believed to have been Jim Buck, launched his dog walking service in New York City. 

Since then dog walking has become a good earner for those who love dogs and love to walk. You’ll need to be confident around dogs of all sizes (basically just love dogs) and be comfortable picking up dog poop. 

become a dog walker: get paid to walk

You’ll also have to be happy venturing out in all weathers because your clients dogs will need their walks come rain, shine or snow! 

It’s a zero-cost side hustle as dog owners should supply any dogs toys, treats and poop bags that you need, but it’s worth getting to know each dog, at least a little, before you agree to take them on. 

Interested? Check out the following sites to get started:


The world’s largest network of 5‑star pet sitters and dog walkers providing services from dog boarding, to house sitting, walking, doggy day care and drop-in visits. You can earn between $20-60 dollars per night pet sitting or you can set your own schedule and prices, offer the combination of services you are comfortable with and Rover gives you all the tools to start your dog walking side hustle.

Operates: Internationally
Sign Up With Rover.


WAG is a US focussed platform that helps to connect pet walkers, sitters, and trainers with a nationwide community of pet parents. You can earn up to $25 per hour. If you love dogs, have been entrusted to care for someone’s dog, have been a dog owner yourself, and are responsible, professional, and trustworthy, then you should probably check it out.

Operates: United States
Become A Wag Walker


Tailster helps dog owners find trusted, local and insured dog walkers, boarders and sitters. With GPS tracking, maps and photos, Tailster.com trusted dog walkers don’t just tell you your dog has been walked, they show you. Tailster pays you 80% of your total earnings with the other 20% covering their fees, including admin, platform management, payments and insurance. 

Operates: Internationally
Join Tailster

Become A Friend And Get Paid To Walk

RentAFriend.com is the website that allows you to rent local Friends from all over the world. You can rent a local Friend to hang out with, go to a movie or restaurant with, or someone to go with you to a party or event or even a walk in the local park. Rent a friend to teach you a new skill or hobby, or to show you around an unfamiliar town.

Remember safety is paramount, follow your common sense, always meet in public, busy spaces and never sign up for this type of service without letting friends or family know exactly where you are at all times. 

RentAFriend.com states they are strictly a platonic Friendship website. RentAFriend.com is NOT a dating website, and services on RentAFriend.com are strictly for FRIENDSHIP purposes only.

You can earn $10 per hour and if you’re interested you can sign up here.

Get Paid To Walk As A Tour Guide

I love a good Tour Guide, because actually finding out about a place; it’s history, it’s people and its culture adds a whole new dimension to your travels that you would have otherwise been ignorant of. 

And from the perspective of a side hustle, being a tour guide can be a great way to build up your confidence, meet new people, increase your knowledge about a particular destination and earn by literally educating tourists, travellers and getting paid to walk. 

Being a tour guide can be more than just a side hustle, it can become your full time job. That’s because wherever there are tourists there are tour guides. 

You’ll need passion, knowledge and enthusiasm and a desire to travel of course! If you’d like to apply to become a tour guide remember the following tips when applying :

  • It really helps if you are well travelled as this demonstrates your commitment to exploring new places
  • Focus on your people skills because being a tour guide is all about managing people and good leadership
  • Understand the requirement of your local tour guide requirements
  • Go to travel shows and exhibitions as this shows you want to keep up to date with changes in the industry
  • Take a tour with the company or platform you are applying to
  • Highlight your specialised skills such as languages, adventure sports or first aid
  • Be ready to show WHY you are perfect for the role of a tour guide

Being a Tour Guide is not only a great way to get paid to walk it can also provide you with the opportunity to explore the world, meet great people, learn something new and have fun at the same time. 

Context Travel

Context Travel is the platform for privately guided and small group tours for travelers who love to learn from experts. And you can book cultural and educational experiences in 60+ cities worldwide.

This best way to figure out if tour guiding is for you is to sign up and experience a tour first hand. This is without a doubt the best possible research you can do.

Get a group of friends together and book a tour with a context travel using code 4F4D1C2F to get 10% discount. 


ToursByLocals has been connecting travelers with local guides worldwide, since 2008.

Here’s their promo video to explain more, but if it sounds like the perfect side hustle gig for you, you can sign up here to become a tour guide.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping can sometimes seem like a side hustle gig that’s too good to be true. After all, how is it that a company will pay you to do something that you’d probably already be doing anyway?

The reason is that companies and brands desperately depend on information about your shopping experience in order to improve and refine their customer service and, ultimately, increase sales.

And anyone who has gone on a long day shopping with a friend or partner knows that there can be one hell of alot of walking involved. 

So how exactly do you get paid to walk by being a mystery shopper?

  • Sign up to mystery shopper platforms below
  • Search for mystery shopping jobs
  • Complete jobs and get paid

Field Agent

Field Agent has radically reimagined mystery shopping, offering retailers a smarter, faster, more affordable link to customer experience insights. They will crowdsource customers’ smartphones to gauge their attitudes toward staff engagement, store conditions, shopping experiences, and product usage. 

Field Agent pays between $3-12 per task and currently operates in 9 countries and is expanding. 

Sign up to become a Field Agent mystery shopper.

iShopFor Ipsos

The Ipsos Mystery Shoppers are paid to act like regular customers, evaluate and report the quality of services provided at various businesses. 

Requirements include:

  • All our mystery shoppers must be at least 18 years of age
  • You will need a smartphone and access to the internet to select tasks and submit your Mystery Shopping surveys
  • You will need to be able to meet deadlines, be honest and constructive, and be professional and discreet
  • You will need to have a good command of the English language and good attention to detail

Sign up to become an iShopFor mystery shopper.

For other US based mystery shopping opportunities sign up to:

For international mystery shopping opportunities sign up to:

Signing up to more than one mystery shopping platform will increase your chances of getting the best mystery shopping opportunities in your areas and will also help you to choose between the best-paying mystery shopping gigs. 

Remember to keep your receipts in case the company asks to see them, to complete your tasks and submit your reports on time and never, ever pay to sign up as a mystery shopper. 

Become an Olympic Race Walker

Believe it or not walking is actually an Olympic sport and it’s called Racewalking.

It’s different from running in that one foot must appear to be in contact with the ground at all times. Wikipedia outlines the two key rules:

  1. The first dictates that the athlete’s back toe cannot leave the ground until the heel of the front foot has touched. Violation of this rule is known as loss of contact. 
  2. The second rule requires that the supporting leg must straighten from the point of contact with the ground and remain straightened until the body passes directly over it.

So how do you make money from Olympic RaceWalking? 

It’s pretty diverse to be honest and you’ll need to be committed to the sport. This infographic from Sportmanagementdegreeghub.com sums up all the possible, and proven, ways that Olympic Athletes can monetise their careers:

Olympic Salaries
Source: SportsManagementDegreeHub.com

Get Paid To Walk Jobs

If you want to make walking an integral part of your full time job, and let’s face it I’m the first to argue that people are not meant to be trapped behind computer desks all day, then a job that involves a significant degree of outside walking could be the perfect career move for you. 

And you might be surprised at how well some of these professions pay. Not only will working outdoors keep you fit, healthy and positive it could help you to develop a new skill set and meet new people when you transfer into a role where you can essentially get paid to walk and do your job. 

So let’s get to some of the most popular, outdoor jobs where you’ll be able to walk, run, climb and work all in the beauty of nature:


Potential annual salary: $35,500

A tree-surgeon, also known by its official name as arborist, is essentially the ‘surgical’  maintenance of tree health in parks around the country. Not only will you do a significant amount of walking, you’ll also develop a high degree of upper body strength because you’ll need to climb!

I spent my childhood climbing trees. Can you imagine getting paid to do it all day long. 

Backpacking Guide

Potential annual salary: up to $60,000

become a backpacker guide: get paid to walk

We’ve already covered the way to become a Tour Guide, but did you know a Backpacking Guide can earn up to 60k per year, depending on the tour types and levels of experience. Tourism is big business and whilst hiking all day long can be a physically demanding challenge, if you want to get paid to walk, this is the ultimate job for you. 


Potential annual salary: up to $98,540

Who knew that walking around caring for and feeding animals in the zoo could pay so much? It’s because there’s a little bit more to it than that. To become a zoologist you’ll need a relevant degree, ideally in zoology, and a passion for wildlife and conservation (obviously!). 

Having worked at the Zoological Society of London I can absolutely confirm that working in a Zoo requires a lot of walking! Additionally many zoologists spend time abroad in remote sites of natural, scientific interest meaning physical fitness and a capacity to enjoy walking is a prerequisite of the job. 

Camp Counselor

Potential annual salary: $23,870

It might not be the best paid job in this list, but if you love working with kids and you’re looking for a stop-gap job between your studies and life in the real world then working as a camp counselor in the US can be a great way to work, travel and explore the states. 

Having worked at summer camp in the US I can confirm you’ll need bags of energy, loads of creativity and endless amounts of patience. Whilst working with kids won’t be a full time career choice for me anytime soon I loved the experience and made some great friends.

Following camp, we took a mammoth road trip across the states from Boston to San Franciso, the road trip experience of a lifetime! 

You can sign up to become a camp counsellor with Camp America right here. 


Potential annual salary: up to $68,910

Are you totally committed to the environmental protection of our last few remaining wild spaces?

If so, then being an Environmentalist might be the role for you. Also referred to as sustainability management this job will require you to conduct environmental audits, assessments, resolve issues and make sure that planning and changes are carried out in public green spaces with proper respect to the environment. 


Potential annual salary: up to $61,790

A forester is involved in caring for, planting and managing trees or forests and work across a range of tasks including restoration of forests, conservation, timber harvests, forest fire prevention strategies and the management of protected wild wooded areas.

Forests can encompass vast areas so a huge amount of walking will be involved, but the salary can be pretty decent. 

Forest or Park Ranger

be a forest ranger: get paid to walk

Potential annual salary: up to $50,000

Rangers work with Foresters and help to manage a wide range of tasks for state or national forests. They may help maintain campground facilities, tourist information, trails and paths as well as watching for forest fires, fire-fighting and enforcing laws. 


Potential annual salary: up to $50,000

Journalists hold our politicians to account and bring all the latest stories from around the world to our papers and our screens. And a significant part of that job involves pounding the streets in pursuit of the latest story. If you want to get paid to walk and you are passionate about uncovering the truth, journalism is for you. 

Desk Job? No problem!

It’s not as simple as just jumping into a job that pays you to work whilst you walk. Sometimes the opportunities that match your skill set require you to work in an office or whilst you’re making the job to your dream job you need to work in an office to pay the bills.

If that’s the case, ask your employer to invest in a treadmill desk – this is a desk that allows you to walk whilst you work, even in an office.

Bestproducts.com has produced an in depth guide of the best 9 treadmill desks to get you started.

Get Paid To Walk For Health

You can even get paid to lose weight!

HealthyWage.com uses cash prizes to help you make weight loss and fitness more fun and effective, You can make a personalised bet on your own weight-loss with prizes up to a huge $10,000!

And you can even play with their very own Prize Calculator without commitment to see how it works. 

Walking Your Way To Wealth and Health

If you really want to get paid to walk there are literally hundreds of ways that pay to walk.

get paid to walk

The key thing to remember is that like any way you earn money, be it side hustle, passive income or job, depends on providing a product or service that is useful to someone else. 

Even apps that pay you to walk are benefitting from the ad dollars, marketing revenue or membership contributions that are generated when you sign up for them. 

These goals are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are mutually beneficial. When you download a walking or fitness app, take on a side hustle or start a new job like one of the suggestions above then you are entering into a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Because the service or work you are delivering can help you meet your walking goals, it can keep you accountable, motivated and determined to walk your way to better health and better wealth. 

If you’re still asking yourself whether you can get paid to walk then the fundamental truth is you can! It’s up to you to use your ingenuity, creativity and imagination to identify what ‘get paid to walk’ opportunity works best for you and to go out and get it.

So where will you go next?

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