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Need Blog Name Ideas? How To Choose the Perfect Blog Name (With 87+ Examples)

When it comes to blog name ideas, and the perfect blog, a lot can hang on a name.

After all it’s the identity of your blog, your baby, and in a way you. Because when you start a blog you are inviting the whole world into your online space to figure out what it’s all about.

So it’s not surprising that coming up with the right blog name can be one of the biggest struggles us bloggers first encounter. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Coming up with the right blog name is… challenging!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m not gonna lie and say the right name isn’t important, because it is. However, getting the right name is probably more important to you then most of the people who’ll end up reading your blog.

After all, how many times did you pay attention to the exact domain name of every blog you’ve ever read? Not too many times right? 

What was likely more important to you was the content on the blog. You clicked onto the post because you wanted to learn something, not because the blogger had created the perfect blog name. 

With that being said, I do understand that taking the time to research blog name ideas is really useful because, even if it’s mostly for your benefit, it can help you establish your blog’s identity, a brand and a hook on which to hang your content, your blog’s purpose and your blog’s identity. 

And when it comes to standing out from the crowd, in a crowded place, having your own unique twist can really help push traffic to your blog. 

So let’s take a look at some key ways to research the best blog name ideas and my top strategies for creating a blog name that will stand the test of time.

Step 1: Do the Right Blog Research

Why Do You Want to Create A Blog?

It might sound like a simple question to ask but figuring out why you want to start a blog could mean the difference between success and failure. 

 That’s because when you decide to create a new blog it’s got to meet the need for your blog out there in the world. We’ll come onto user, or search intent, further down in this post – but at the outset you must try to establish a clear motivation for creating your blog.

The motivation behind creating your blog must include building an audience and monetising it. 

Does a successful writer exist without their readers?

Does a famous chef make it without food critics and diners?

Do Hollywood movies conquer the world without movie goers?

These questions might sound basic, but it’s important to always keep this understanding at the forefront of your mind because whether you’re seeking to educate, entertain or enlighten the motivation behind creating your blog must include, at its core, a focus on adding value to the world. 

Action: Grab a pen and notebook/laptop. Write down why you want to start a blog – store it somewhere safe and once you’ve read through the rest of this guide and actions check back and see if any of your reasons for starting a blog have changed. 

Identify Your Niche Based On Opportunity

Ok, so now you’re ready to make the world a better place we can get into the fun stuff.

But what exactly is a niche and how do you come up with one? 

It’s one of the main questions that all new bloggers agonise over, myself included! And the importance of choosing a niche is emphasised consistently through-out the blog-sphere. 

Your blogging niche is the topic, category, specific subject or focus that your blog is going to cover.

Popular niches include:

  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Gardening
  • Education
  • DIY
  • History
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Health & Beauty
  • Tech
  • Art
  • YouTube
  • Personal Finance
  • Home Decor
  • Food
  • Cars
  • Crafts

But not all blogs are created equally and what I really mean by that is some blogs are easier to monetise than others. 

Brandon Gaille produced this amazing, massive study to identify some of the most profitable niches available. They are:

blog name ideas: niches that make money

Source: Brandon Gaille

Make sure you understand your audience, how much they are willing to spend and how your blog will meet their search intent and provide value they are willing to pay for.

And in addition to that, I have a little bit of an issue with hanging your blog off of one niche. 

I started blogging because I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed. In fact when you write a blog you have the freedom to write about anything. 

Don’t get my wrong – you need to have a particular focus around which you can build your blog and call on your expertise. But this is likely to evolve and change over time.

So do you really want your blog name to be tied to a very focussed niche topic when you might change course in the future.

For example: this site, my blog, was supposed to be about meditation and living in the moment, hence the name, Live In The Beat. I soon realised that actually writing about meditation was not my thing at all and that doing something and writing about it are not always one and the same.

I also realised that very few people wanted to read about my experiences of meditation because that wasn’t helping me to meet search intent. 

Action: Identify your niche but don’t let it box you in. Niches evolve, make sure you’re able to change tack if you need to.

Are You Meeting Search/User Intent?

Whenever I, and billions of people around the world use Google we all want the answer to a search query. 

I need information. 

I want the sites and blogs I click on to answer the search query I typed.

And when those blogs provide the perfect guide and answer to my query that’s the holy grail of meeting search intent and something you should always keep in mind when creating your new blog. 

I don’t really want to read about someone’s personal passion. If they are passionate in providing the answer to my search query that’s great but it’s the information I need that’s my priority.

Passion should not be the primary driver for starting your blog. Provide a solution to search intent. 

At this point I want to highlight that meeting search intent is probably the most important aspect of creating a successful blog. 

It’s a huge subject and one that’s covered in much better detail through Mike Pearson’s Online Course: Stupid Simple SEO.

Looking back I realise how little I actually understood the importance of writing to search intent. Completing this course changed my entire outlook and flipped me 180 in a new direction. 

I’m not joking; when I look back at some of my early posts I was stumbling around writing about any old crap that popped into my head. 

The Stupid Simple SEO course really provided me with a clear structure and framework to figure out what search intent I should write for and how to come up with content ideas. 

It’s an invaluable investment in your blogging education.

The sooner you fully understand search intent, and how it can inform what content you produce, the sooner you’ll be able to create a successful blog from the ground-up.

Action: think about why someone might click onto a post or article on your blog. What search intent are you meeting? For a more indepth understanding behind search intent, complete Mike’s Course: Stupid Simple SEO.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Identifying your target audience is really about focussing your field of vision.

blog name ideas: build your audience

I don’t like the idea of limiting who a target audience might be, after all you won’t be able to control who accesses your blog, and why you should want to. 

But if you don’t identify the kind of person you’re trying to help, it will be difficult for you to create the focus you need to provide content that your readers will keep coming back for. 

In other words, you can’t be all things to all people. 

Creating your target audience is actually easier than you might think. If your blog is based, in part or whole, on speaking from personal experience that your target audience probably has a lot in common with you!

My target audience is:

  • Late 20s to Late 40s
  • Individuals who’ve been working a few years and have well and truly realised they want to be their own boss and walk to the beat of their own drum
  • Ready to question things rather than accept things 
  • Not afraid to invest in themselves and their own education (autodidactic in nature)
  • People who want to create passive income
  • People who want to live their life on their own terms

And if you want a really detailed idea of who your target audience might be I recommend you take this FREE personality test from 16 Personalities.

When you get the results you might wonder how they could be so accurate.

Action: Now it’s time for you to write down a detailed description of your target audience.

What’s Your Blogging Tone & Style?

It might seem strange to go into so much detail when you’re figuring out who your target audience is going to be but the reason behind why that is so important is because it will have an influence on the name, tone and style of your blog. 

LiveInTheBeat.com is all about personal freedom and how creating passive sources of income through investments and blogging can help you to achieve that. So there are lots of images on the blog denoting freedom, of being outside, travelling, having fun and choosing your own path. 

And nearly all of the posts and guides are about working out ways to achieve personal freedom, whatever that means for you. 

Here’s a little inspiration:

Zen Habits is this amazing minimalist blog all about, well, zen habits! 

blog name ideas: zen habits blog

Deliciously Ella is a stomach-rumbling food blog, focussed on healthy eating (and amazing food photography). Random fact but that awesome little cafe in the red-brick building is right around the corner from me, here in London!

Blog name ideas: Deliciously Ella blog

Action: Create a list of the top 10-20 blogs in your niche. Use excel or Google sheets so that you can add to it over time and record the name, URL, blog niche and social media profile links. Use Google, Pinterest and YouTube to search for blogs in your niche.

How Will You Create a Brand?

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new brand, creating an online presence for an existing brand or beginning your first blog, you will need to think about what your brand will be and what it will look like. 

That’s because all successful brands, including your own personal brand, rely on meeting the ‘search intent’ of their target audience, focussing their content, products and services and creating a consistent look and feel across their sites.

When your creating your brand you need to think about:

  • Fonts and typefaces
  • Colours
  • Logo
  • Focus of brand
  • Tone of voice and personality
  • Social media presence

What does this mean for your research into blog name ideas?

Your blog name should be consistent with your brand. Or you should build your brand around your blog name. 

I really recommend checking out Canva – it’s like photoshop for dummies, so it works really well for me! I use it to design all of my post headers, plus my logo and all of my pins for Pinterest.

Just a note on social media; choose the platforms that work for you. I’m not a fan of Facebook or Twitter but I really love Pinterest, because there’s a creative element in designing pins and it operate more like a search engine than a social media platform. 

You can check out my Pinterest profile right here. 

Got a great blog name idea in mind?

Step 2: Workshop Your Best Blog Name Ideas

Now it’s time to get to work. Block out a few hours on a quiet afternoon or evening and get rid of all distractions. 

We’re going to come up with your brand new blog name!

Write Out Your Blog Categories/Keywords

One of the best ways to get an idea for what your blog could be called is to write down all the main categories and keywords that you’ll be using on your blog. 

For example, my blogs main and sub categories are:

Main categories: money, freedom, blogging

Sub categories: affiliate marketing, blogging guides, blogging kit, online tools, start a blog, money mindset, financial toolbox, invest money, make money, passive income, save money 

These are not set in stone and your categories can change over time, and mine often do, but it’s a great foundation to get you thinking about blog name ideas. 

Use A Thesaurus/Dictionary for Name Ideas

I am always jumping over to thesaurus.com to get more word ideas when I know there’s a better way to describe something but I just can’t quite… spit it out!

As a blogger and a writer a thesaurus will become your new best friend. Yes, really. 

The thesaurus will give you a whole world of options when it comes to finding synonyms to perfectly capture what you’re trying to communicate. 

And if you want a slang word tool head over to Urban Dictionary – just remember that if you decide to name your blog around a slang term, stay away from anything offensive or pejorative. You don’t want to alienate any of target readers, or anyone else, who will end up reading your blog.  

Spy On Your Competitors’ 

One of the best ways to get inspired is to spy on your potential competitors. Isn’t all great art a form of finding inspiration from others?

After all it was Pablo Picasso who said:

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”

And that’s an important thing to remember, because you’re not here to copy anyone, but if you see a great blogging, notice what they do that’s successful and incorporate elements of that into your own work then it will give you a considerable advantage in the blogging community. 

So what kind of competitors could you emulate?

Well, I’ve already recommended Google, YouTube and Pinterest for searching for other blogs in your niche, but if you’d like some read-ade examples check out my list of genius formulas below and blog examples for each one.

9 Genius Formulas for Blog Name Ideas (With 87+ Examples)

Formula #1: Alliteration

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the term alliteration before, I hadn’t before writing this post!

However, you will definitely know it when you see it. Because all it is in the same sound or letter repeated at the beginning of two words or more in a short sentence. 

For example: 

  • Making Sense of Cents | Personal Finance
  • Savoring Simplicity | Lifestyle
  • Kate In Kansas | Lifestyle
  • Modest Mira | Fashion
  • Slip Into Style | Fashion
  • The Practicing Poet | Poetry
  • Budget Bytes | Food
  • Girl Gone Travel | Travel

Check domain availability now.

Formula #2: Use, Adapt or Create a Saying

I guess with Live In The Beat I created a saying. And it’s a great technique to employ because people will easily identify with it and you can use a great saying that really embodies the look, feel and content of your blog.

  • One Step 4 Ward | Travel 
  • Hand Luggage Only | Travel
  • Besides The Point | Finance
  • Life In The Bike Lane | Fitness
  • Two Peas & Their Pod | Recipes
  • A Pinch Of Yum | Food & Recipes
  • My Goodness Me | Diet & Recipes

Check domain availability now.

Formula #3: Use a Pun or Play on Words

Everyone loves a joke; it’s the most sure-fire, quickest way of bringing people over to your way of thinking. When I was younger and still wallowing in the education system my sense of humour was one tool I could use to get me out of some pretty hairy situations.

And you can put it to good use in your blog name. For example:

  • She’s In The Glow | Lifestyle
  • Belly Over Mind | Lifestyle
  • The Write Life | Writing
  • Man Repeller | Fashion
  • Budget Bytes | Food
  • A Little Adrift | Travel
  • Turnip Your Life | Health & Fitness
  • Economies of Kale | Frugal Living
  • Peas in a Blog | Recipes
  • All Groan Up | Career Advice
  • Gin n Sardonic | Lifestyle
  • Second Star on the Wright | Lifestyle
  • Tainted Canvas | Painting
  • Gimme Some Oven | Recipes
  • Iwannabeablogger | Blogging
  • Budget Bytes | Budget & Recipes
  • Good Financial Cents | Personal Finance
  • My Darling Lemon Thyme | Recipes
  • Planet of the Grapes | Wine

Check domain availability now.

Formula #4: Combine Target Audience & Search Intent

In this formula you’re going to think of a word that describes your target audience and another word that describes what their user intent might be.

It’s a  formula that combines the search intent of your target readers with the demographic they form.

Which boils down the formula to: Target Audience + Search Intent = blog name.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re tied to that niche forever.

For example LADbible is a combination of the word lad, meaning young men, and bible, in this example, meaning guide. The target audience was initially young men aged 18-34, but the site has evolved into a huge media empire, spanning several spin-off sites and targeting all young people. Niches change. 

Other examples include:

  • WPBeginner | Beginners who want to learn about WordPress
  • Copyblogger | Writers who want to improve their blogging 
  • Problogger | Bloggers who want to blog professionally
  • Yoga In Heels | Yogis and Fashion
  • Zen Habits | People who want a calmer, more zen life

Check domain availability now.

Formula #5: Combine Blogger Description/Name & Search Intent

This is a variation of formula 4 which combines a description of yourself, and possibly by proxy your target audience, and their search intent.

It can incorporate a sense of humour and also be used to create a kind of caricature to support the branding of your blog. You’ll see what I mean in the examples below:

  • Blogtyrant | Blogging
  • Financial Samurai | Personal Finance
  • WPMayor | WordPress Plugins
  • Yoga Dork | Health & Fitness
  • GeekDad | Parenting & Technology
  • MoneyGeek | Investing
  • JillFit | Lifestyle
  • Backpacking Matt | Travel
  • Ask A French Girl | Style
  • Adventurous Kate | Travel
  • TheBlonde Abroad | Travel
  • Dan Flying Solo | Travel
  • Nerd Nomads | Travel
  • Nomadic Boys | Travel

Check domain availability now.

Formula #6: Describe It

This formula is pretty straightforward. Simply describe your blog. Quick tip: try to keep it to 4 words or less, just because it’s easier to remember and type. 

  • Digital Photography School | Photography
  • Wholesome Cook | Recipes
  • Ramblings of a Confused 20Something | Lifestyle
  • bloggingbasics101 | Blogging
  • startbloggingonline | Blogging
  • Bloggertipstricks | Blogging
  • Fluent In 3 Months | Learn a Language
  • The Bookshelf Muse | Writers
  • The Sartorialist | Fashion
  • Wellness Mama | Lifestyle
  • The Wandering Lens | Photography
  • The Poetry Project | Poetry
  • Minimalist Baker | Food
  • Serious Eats | Food
  • Kitchn | Food

Check domain availability now.

 Formula #7: The Power of Three

  • Move Nourish Believe | Lifestyle
  • Eat, Lift and Be Happy | Lifestyle
  • Eat Run Write | Lifestyle
  • Seek Dare Love | Lifestyle
  • You Me Naturally | Fashion & Beauty
  • Read Travel Become | Travel
  • Living, Learning, Eating | Lifestyle
  • Spoon Fork Bacon | Recipes
  • Eat, Sleep, Draw | Drawing

Check domain availability now.

Formula #8:  Get Inspired, Use A Quote

I love a good quote. In fact I’ve written a couple of humongous lists of quotes:

“Why not just live in the moment, especially if it has a good beat?”

And in amongst these lists you’ll find a quote from one of my favourite actors growing up, Goldie Hawn, who once said ▲

That quote has always stayed with me for some reason, so when I was racking my brains for an easy to remember domain name, I shortened it to live in the beat. Just don’t tell Goldie! I don’t want to get sued for copyright! 

In fact she’s a pretty wise woman judging by all of the other things she has said over the years. So it could be a good idea to look up your favourite heroes, actors, musicians, poets and quotations. Think about the beauty in their meanings and use it to inspire and influence your own blog name ideas research.

Check domain availability now.

Formula #9: Shorten it! Create a Portmanteau or Abbreviation

Before you ask what the hell is a portmanteau please don’t panic.

You will have seen these blogs all over the intent because this is a very popular formula for choosing blog name ideas. 

A portmanteau is simply the merging of two words to create a new, made-up word. And you’d be surprised at all of the various portmanteaus you know of:

  • Pokemon = Pocket + Monster
  • Sitcom = Situation Comedy
  • Brunch = Breakfast and Lunch
  • Chillax = Chill and relax
  • Frenemy = Friend and enemy
  • Hangry = Hungry and Angry
  • Podcast = IPod and Broadcast
  • Emoticon = Emotion and icon

Alternatively you could abbreviate an existing word to create a new one, like these bloggers have done:

  • Kitchn
  • Gardn
  • Hustlr

And if all else fails….

If all else fails and you just can’t come up with the right name for your blog; then your real name is a pretty good choice too. 

Your actual name can work for many niches, and unless your niche is really, really specific it can be a good choice to make. 

You could use your first name in the mix of an overall blog name or your actual full name. It’s something these successful bloggers have done:

  • Deliciously Ella | Recipes
  • A Little Bit of Lisa | Parenting
  • Miranda Writes | Writing & Publishing
  • Cookie and Kate | Recipes
  • Sally’s Baking Addiction | Baking

Using your real name makes you accountable for the success of the blog. It’s literally tied to your name and it’s a strategy that Adam Enfroy at adamenfroy.com recommends. 

Domain & Blog Name Ideas Generator

I do recommend working through the above formulas first to find out what works best for you. If the name of the blog comes from a spark of your own creativity than it’s more likely to resonate and keep you committed over time when writing long-form posts can seem like a bit of a challenge. 

Believe me, those days will come.

But sometimes a blog name generator can also be just the tool you need to spark that creativity.

And what’s even better with the namecheap ideas generator below is that it will tell you in an instant if your domain name is available, so that you can register your new blog name, as a domain! 

Namecheap has produced an innovative new tool into their domain search called BEAST MODE.

Check out BEAST MODE here.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use it: 

Beast Mode lets you search thousands of domain names in the blink of an eye, filter and prioritize the results you want to see, and even inspire you with new ideas.

You simply:

  1. Add Keywords
  2. Choose your domain extensions (this is the .com or .net part)
  3. Select your search parameters
  4. And generate dozens of suitable, available, domains

Beast mode is free to use, you’ll only pay for the domain once you have selected it and progress to payment with namecheap. 

And namecheap is hands down the best value domain register. In fact you can take a look at some of their amazing deals that are on right now:

There’s no point paying more for your domain name, because once it’s registered it’s yours. 

You’ll have to renew it every year, but it’s just a registration service, it’s not the same as hosting, so make sure you go namecheap because they are the best value domain registration service online. 

Step 3: Rock-solid Blog Name Ground-rules 

Ok, so you’ve gotten this far (and yes I realise this is a humongous post about blog name ideas) but I hope you are beginning to understand that choosing the right blog name is more than just jumping over to namecheap, plugging in a domain and registering the first one that pops up.

You’re laying the foundations for your future blogging career.

Does it mean it’s all in a name? Well, not exactly – as I highlighted at the beginning of this guide, your blog name is probably more important to you than it is to your readers but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to nail down the right one.

After all, it’s going to be all your work, you want to be proud of it. 

The tools, tips and resources above should be a great start to spark up some great blog name ideas. 

But it’s also useful to recap by asking yourself some key questions when it comes to naming your new blog.

Is It Authentic?

There’s nothing worse than trying to write about something that you’re not confident in writing about. I know because when I started LiveintheBeat.com I had intended for it to buy a blog about meditation, but to put it bluntly that didn’t leave me with much to write about. 

9 Crucial Personal Finance Lessons

Now, whilst I do meditate on a daily basis; I’m by no means an expert on the subject and writing about it didn’t feel 100% genuine. 

After reflecting I decided to change to something I knew about; creating passive sources of income and writing. And actually, I massively prefer writing about these topics, so it makes working on my blog hugely more enjoyable. 

Keep it Flexible & Pivot If You Need To

The name I chose for my blog is flexible enough to pivot away from a blog about meditation and to a blog about personal freedom because living in the moment, or the beat, is something that I personally believe is much more attainable when you have control over your time and money. 

I always really didn’t like working in an office environment, so when I changed my blogs direction away from meditating and towards money, freedom and blogging it felt like a natural step that justified the switch. 

Having a more flexible blog name helps that. 

Easy To Remember, Say and Spell?

If you tell someone the name of your blog is it easy for them to remember, say and spell?

It’s not essential to the success of your blog but it might make things easy when you are telling people how to find you online. 

Johnny Ward over at onestep4ward.com has written before that he wished he chose a simpler blog name, instead of including the number 4. It certainly hasn’t stopped him from realising decent blog success but it’s probably just meant a little bit more time and effort in describing the exact spelling of the name.  

Keep it Short & Sweet

Names with few syllables are easier to remember, it’s as simple as that. 

Do You Have to Explain What Your Blog Is About?

If your name is so mysterious and complicated that each time you say it to someone new you have to spend 10 minutes explaining what it means than you might want to rethink your blog name.

After all you want something that you can describe in an elevator pitch (i.e. a very short time).

Not only will people clearly understand what your blog’s about, it’ll help give you focus and cement your brand when you get around to starting your blog. 

Test It Out on a Close Friend

Do the friendship test. 

You can test it out on a close friend, or a family member. But I recommend trying a friend first, unless your family is ultra supportive.

I know that the first thing my family would have said when I decided to focus full time on my blog:

“Why don’t you get a proper job”

“Is that still a thing?”

“But can you actually make any money from blogging”

It all comes from a place of love, but sometimes can you really be bothered to meet those objections head on? 

Your friends are the family you choose and, if you’ve got a decent, solid friend who can support you and provide objective and constructive feedback, then test it out on them.

For everyone else, just tell them what they want to hear (I say that I’m freelancing). If they’re already stone-walling your decision to start a blog, you’re not going to change their minds about blogging in a 5, or 55, minute conversation. 

Step 4: Claim Your Worldwide, Unique Domain

By this stage you’ve done a phenomenal amount of research; you’ve got tons of great blog name ideas and, with constructive feedback, you’ve whittled it down to your perfect blog name.

It’s time to register your blog name and create a brand new domain!

Check Your Domain With Namecheap

If the exact name you have chosen isn’t available don’t get dejected.

Remember your readers will be focussed primarily on your content and not the name of your blog. Plus with all the possible variations available by working through the formulas above, you should be able to come up with a decent, available second choice in no time at all.

Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more

You can also register your name to a different extension and you can use namecheap’s Beast Mode to see what’s available. 

Register Your New Domain Name

Insert namecheap embed

Buy GreenGeeks Hosting

Now that you’ve worked through all your blog name ideas and have concerted your perfect blog name into a registered domain it’s time for the real work to begin.

You’ll need hosting, which I personally recommend you buy from GreenGeeks.

The main reasons to get hosting from GreenGeeks is their:

  • Customer service is second to none (they always respond to my online Cpanel messages for help in minutes, not hours)
  • Hosting is fast! My blog is in the top 10% of fastest websites on the internet
  • Packages start at a phenomenal $2.49 per month
  • Most importantly: they suck carbon out of the atmosphere by purchasing more renewable power than they use (by 300%) 

GreenGeeks state: ‘for every kilowatt of electricity that we draw from the power grid, we return three kilowatts in the form of wind and solar energy. By putting more clean energy back into the power system than we’re using, we are effectively negating not only our carbon footprint but also those of two other similarly-sized companies.’

Sign up for hosting now with GreenGeeks and head over to my Step by Step Guide to Starting A Blog to cover everything you need to know about setting up your new blog.

To Sum Up

When you’ve shortlisted your top blog name ideas, come up with your finalist and you’ve registered the domain name, you’ve taken the first few steps in starting a blog that could change your life. 

And if your still racking your brains trying to come up with the perfect name I want you to remember these final few points:

  • Choosing a new blog name shouldn’t be frustrating or time consuming
  • Focus on your target audience and niche and work back from there
  • Use the formulas, tools and tips above to get your creative juices going
  • Don’t make perfect the enemy of good

Remember your blog name is probably going to be more important for you then it is for your readers – they’ll be more interested in the amazing value that your content provides.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for a blog name that fits your brand because once you’ve created that name you’ve created an identity that will live online.

It has the potential to open new doors and take your life in a whole new direction. So take the time to figure out your new blog name, and if you know someone else who might benefit from this guide, share it with them too. 

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