Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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Ever feel like you're always swimming against the tide,
Just keeping your head above water?

If you never have anytime for yourself or your loved ones
and it feels like life is passing you by...

You're not alone

Eat, Sleep, Work, Rinse, Repeat. That Was My Life.

Do you ever question why we’re actually supposed to love our jobs, especially when they take up so much time and energy?

i hate my jobIt’s as though everyone else signed a secret contract to keep heads down, clock in and out, and do as told until age what? 60, 70, 110?

Millions around the world sit down to work, sending billions of emails and spending the best years of their lives behind computer screens.

The Earth circles the sun, another year passes, and we hurtle through space at 67,000 mph, travelling a phenomenal distance of 92 million miles in our orbit around the sun.

And yet. Life stands still, as you clock in… and out.

I have never been able to escape the feeling so much of what society expects from us is a trap; a tradeoff where dreams are slowly subdued in exchange for the best years of your life. In other words… a hoax.

Why should we accept the life we’re given rather than the life we truly want? 

If you knew there was a way to work less, make more money and free up your time so you can truly live in the moment and enjoy everything that life has to offer…. would you take it?

I’m From The Internet, and I’m Here To Help!

Actually, I’m a real human being, my name is Tom, and I was a stressed-out workaholic! I’m not a life coach or guru. Just a regular guy who, after many years of work, finally decided to try something different. Here’s a brief history of my working life so far:

  • Worked in an office for 10+ years. Hated it.
  • Fantasized about setting up hugely successful businesses. Tried and failed many times.
  • Started reading blogs about passive income. Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Invested in real estate.
  • Obsessively focussed on passive income. Escaped the office at 35. Loved it.

office viewThis is the actual view from my first office job in a skyscraper in London. I can’t even tell if those are people or office chairs.

Like many people I realized that if I stayed in an office for the rest of my life I would always be chained to a desk; even the coolest office in the world is an unnatural environment for a human being. No amount of table foosball, free lunches or expense accounts are going to change that.

As if table foosball is a fair trade-off for your life!

This blog is about freedom. It’s for anybody who wants to walk to the beat of their own drum.

7 Things I Learnt Obsessively Researching Passive Income:

Saving money and budgeting are great things to do when you’re in debt, and you haven’t yet created any passive income. But if you want to be free, you need to create passive income.

  • Passive income is how the rich stay rich.
  • There’s a limit to how much you can save. Income, on the other hand, is potentially unlimited.
  • Once you get past the limitations society imposes on you, you can do anything you want.
  • In an office, people will always want to control you.
  • Most of what we spend money on is a hoax.
  • Poor people have liabilities. Rich people have assets.
  • Money is kept out of the education system in order to control you.

When I started investing in real estate, my life changed.

I couldn’t afford to buy a property outright, so I bought with finance. I couldn’t even afford the deposit, so I started my portfolio with a friend. I even found a permanent job, instead of my regular contract work, to get a decent mortgage. I leveraged my credit profile, job prospects, and even my best friend to get on the property ladder.

Fortunately, I soon learnt once you’ve bought real estate, your investment will pay off many times over.

It was good timing for me because the six-month probation period on what would become my last ever office job had just been extended. I’m pretty sure my power-hungry boss never believed I would say ‘no thanks’ (judging from the look on his face), but honestly, it was a relief. I hated the job, and my small real estate portfolio essentially gave me the financial freedom to walk out the door for good.

Money Equals Freedom

Let’s be honest money equals freedom.

But only when your time is separate to the way you make money.

That’s the defining feature of passive income. You don’t have to be in ‘the room’ in order to make money.

If you want the freedom to experience adventure, travel the world, embrace new cultures or simply while away a random Tuesday afternoon  reading or painting…

…You need to create passive sources of income.

Look At Life From A Different Point of View

I have Aspergers. 

It doesn’t negatively impact my life; in fact I see it as a benefit. I look at the detail and question things.

I know this can be infuriating for my friends, family and colleagues, but I see it as a strength. Being able to question the ‘system’ and look at things from a different perspective means you can ask “why?” and make a more informed decision that’s right for you.

You don’t have to pretend to like things just because that’s what family/friends/society expects of you.

So much of what we do plays into what people expect of us.

But I think the only way to live your life authentically is to start doing what matters to you.

How Can I Help You?

Everyone’s situation is different, but I was not born into wealth, and I only changed my life by rejecting the conventional mindset about work and money and doing things differently.

This helped me create the financial freedom to quit my office job.

Perhaps you want to see the world, live in the moment, explore new cultures and taste everything life has to offer. Or maybe you just want to while away a Tuesday afternoon reading and painting. 

Whatever freedom means for you, I’m here to help you create it by separating your income from your time and creating passive sources of income.

I will help you:

  • Change your mindset, reject society's expectations and abandon limiting beliefs
  • Manage your money in a way that works for you
  • Quit Work and Escape the 9 to 5 for good
  • Discover the investments that will work harder for you and support your freedom
  • Start your own blog and make money online from the things your passionate about
  • Create passive sources of income that separate your time from your work
The Ensō circle, a Zen symbol which express a moment when the mind is free.

My experience isn’t unique. If I can do it, so can you.

Creating passive sources of income, investing in the stock market and real estate, and creating wealth doesn’t happen overnight. But the sooner you get started, the sooner you can change your future.

Here are some of my best guides to get started. 

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