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Homemake moneyNeed Money Desperately? Here’s 45 Ways To Get Cash Quick

Need Money Desperately? Here’s 45 Ways To Get Cash Quick


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If the thought ‘I need money desperately’ keeps popping into your head it can be an uncomfortable realisation to have.

When you need money and there’s nowhere to turn it’s as if the world is stacked against you. And it’s not surprising; money makes the world go round and if you’re up to your neck in debt or you desperately need to pay for things it really can be difficult to see a way out. 

But the good news is you’ve already taken the first step. You clicked onto this post which is a massive deal because it shows that you recognise the problem and you want to solve it.

what to do when you need money desperately

And I’m here to tell you that when you need cash quick there are ways, means and methods to completely overhaul your finances, change your money mindset and start earning more cash so that you can improve your finances and never have to feel desperate about money again. 

In this guide we’ll explore how your money mindset might be holding you back; we’ll take a look at one of the quickest ways to boost your income, by controlling your debt; we’ll explore the options available for seeking out financial help; we’ll go through the things you can sell or rent to generate quick cash and finally we’ll see what longer term options there are for creating passive sources of income. 

The most important thing to remember when you feel like you need money desperately is to… stay calm.

I realise that’s easier said than done but I’m here to tell you that if you need money desperately I have been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be broke and to have payment demands all around but trust me, only by staying calm, focussed and strategic will you get on top of your finances. 

Whatever your own personal circumstances as long as you’re willing to learn, change and seek out new opportunities you will be able to make a plan that means you will never need money desperately again.

So let’s jump in!

1. ▶︎ Reset Your Money Mindset

Talking about your money mindset can seem strange when you just need money desperately and now! But it’s so important to reflect on your money mindset because the financial decisions you take lie at the very heart of your current financial situation. 

The key to developing better money habits is to recognise some of the bad habits that you may have unconsciously allowed to proliferate in relation to managing your money. And it’s probably also good to remember that if you don’t control your bad money habits they will end up pushing you into a situation where your money, or your lack of it, ends up controlling you.

money mindset: man looking up contemplating

Why is this important? Because if you need money desperately but you don’t tackle the root causes which have brought you to this situation then you’ll never improve your finances for the better. 

Additionally, over time the bad money habits you have will influence the kind of opportunities open to you and your financial well-being in general, so depending on how well you adopt good money habits, over time the problem, and your opportunities, will either shrink or.. conversely.. Grow!

It can also be very easy to not notice bad habits forming when faced with so many options and when so much of what we do on a day to day basis is done on autopilot. Before you know it you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, there’s mountains of bills to pay and a big black hole where your bank balance should be.

But we can fight back before those pesky habits take root and we can all work to get better, more financially productive habits into place. 

So how exactly do you reset your money mindset and why is it so important to tackle this before you move on to make some quick cash?

The honest truth is that if you don’t reset your money mindset first you’ll never move on from the kind of bad money habits that led you to need money desperately in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to go through this first section, reflect and improve to set yourself up for a wealthier, more secure future. 

Stop Spending Money To Feel Good

Learn to spend out of practical necessity and not because it feels good. And don’t let your mind persuade you that feeling good is a practical necessity. (It is, of course, important to feel good, but this should not be derived from… shopping!)

Seriously I know that sounds a bit scrooge-like but next time you find yourself feeling the urge to splurge (keep it clean) then try doing something creative or getting outside for a run or a walk. I promise you your wellbeing and bank balance will thank you.

stop spending money to feel good

We call our obsession with modern day shopping retail therapy but that’s really just another way of justifying impulse shopping.

Until you recognise that when you buy on impulse you’re using credit to fulfil an emotional need then it will be difficult, if not impossible, to break the cycle.

Learn to identify when this impulse surfaces. And resist temptation. Plan your shopping and buy out of well-considered necessity rather than acting on impulse because if you need money desperately shopping is really not a priority. 

Using money to buy things for instant gratification is, in reality,  usually nothing more than trying to meet our fundamental human need for fulfilment. Impulse spending always arises from a lack of gratification in other areas of your life – it’s the transference of the need for fulfilment into your finances. And it can have disastrous effects.

Spending money that you don’t have in order to purchase items on credit may create momentary feelings of fulfilment. But the feeling that you just had to buy something will rapidly dissipate and you will be leftover with considerable debt, and that little voice in your head that says ‘now I really need money desperately’, if you allow this habit to roam freely around throughout the course of your life.

Identify Your Version of Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means different things for different people. For some it might mean being able to buy whatever they want, whilst for others it might mean simply having the choice about whether you work for yourself or work for someone else. 

However there are some key principles within financial freedom that pretty much everyone would agree on. 

financial freedom

It might seem odd to think about what financial freedom means for you if you need money desperately. After all paying bills, food and keeping a roof over your head and your families is always the main priority but if you don’t identify what financial freedom means for you then you’ll never escape the situation that led you to need money desperately in the first place. 

 Financial freedom is:

  • controlling your finances and taking ownership of everything that you spend and earn
  • taking responsibility for your income and using creative and imaginative ways to generate passive sources of income
  • being able to live like a boss and being in charge of your own life
  • generating income including a reserve fund for emergencies
  • being able to clear all your debt and pay all your bills

When you start your journey to becoming financially free you need to educate yourself in the importance of money. I truly believe it’s kind of odd how they never really teach us this lesson at school. But when you take responsibility for your own financial education you begin to develop wealth-creating habits that will increase your bottom line.

It may take hard work, determination and a little bit of creativity to start to learn about a wealthy mindset but an in-depth financial education will start a lifelong journey for you that will inevitably improve your finances forever.

Write Down Your Goals

Identifying and setting your goals is one of the most important steps you can take in your journey to financial freedom because having clear goals are really important in order to keep you motivated through all the good times and dark times.

9 Crucial Personal Finance Lessons

 Your goals could be:

  • paying off all your debt, and your families debt forever
  • working for yourself,  being  your own boss and finally quitting the 9 to 5
  • travelling the world
  • buying your dream house
  • starting a business
  • following your passion
  • freedom from work
  • the ability to help others

Whatever your goals are make sure that they are heartfelt and true to you. In other words, take the time to think about them.  

When you achieve the financial freedom you will have time and money to be able to devote yourself to your passion so your ‘passion’ needs to be something that you really enjoy.

For me, personally speaking, achieving financial freedom was the best thing I ever did because it liberated me from working in an office and, to be honest, that was a significant goal for me personally.  

I am not afraid of a little bit of work but I have always felt stifled in the office and corporate environment. It just was not for me.

Having the freedom to be able to work and do the things I enjoy, like writing, to be able to spend my days doing things that interest me, to take myself out of the hierarchy of office politics, to work on my own terms at home and walking to the beat of my own drum have been the best things about being financially free.

Your goals might be entirely different but whatever they are, just make sure they are true to you because when you decide to start your journey towards financial freedom you are, without realising it, inevitably walking to the beat of a different drum. 

Make sure to listen out for it!

Start Adopting A Wealthy Mindset

If you need money desperately it might seem like the last thing you want to do is adopt a wealthy mindset, and it’s also really important to add that simply thinking yourself wealthy won’t make it so.

adopt a wealthy mindset

However that doesn’t negate the power of the beliefs that are imposed upon us when we are growing up.

It’s so important to explore some of the self-limiting beliefs instilled in us by our friends, family and society in general. This could also be referred to as the conventional mindset.

A conventional mindset is a lens through which most people see the world. It’s when our beliefs about ourselves, perceptions and attitudes control our thoughts and decisions.

And while a good financial mindset is an important part of creating wealth, a poor mindset can obscure your opportunities and really limit your ability to create new opportunities.

What Is A Wealthy Mindset?

The wealthy share a similar outlook on life. The wealth mindset is a set of positive, reinforcing, productive beliefs, and attitudes that help them too to make the most of their money.

It means controlling your spending, researching and making wise investments and looking for creative ways to improve your financial situation in life. 

wealthy mindset vs poor mindset

What Is A Poor Mindset?

A poor mindset is a mindset that is instilled in most of us from a young age. We are taught that we must work for money, instead of figuring out how to make money to work for us.

We’re encouraged to take on debt and told that we should never think above our station.

A poor mindset encourages you to work hard through the best years of your life. It undermines your goals for a better life and it will actively push money away from you unless you recognise it and seeks to change it.

Now that we’ve looked at the mental barriers that can prevent us from really understanding or controlling our finances we can take a look at the practical steps to cut your expenses, control debt and improve your financial situation.

Control Your Debt

control your debt

If you’ve got a lot of debt controlling it is the first thing you need to do when you need money desperately. 

Think of it like a boat with a hole in the hull. There’s no point bailing the water out when the hole is letting more water in. You need to fix your boat first!

It’s a simple analogy and your debt probably didn’t appear overnight but when you’ve got credit card debt with a 30% interest rate it’s really important you deal with it because that huge interest rate will skewer your efforts to earn money elsewhere. 

Follow these steps to figure out the best way to control your debt:

Work Out What You Owe

if you need money desperately you must first work out what you owe

If you need money desperately it can be difficult to focus on the money that you owe to other people. But simply by switching your credit card debt to a card with an introductory offer of 0% could save you a packet. 

Work out what debts you’ve got, create a quick list and write them all down. Then prioritise tackling them in order of which one has the highest interest rate, for example a credit card with a high interest rate is a much more important debt to tackle first than a student loan with a low interest rate. 

Once you’ve got your list of debts you can start to negotiate with credits to see what options are available.

Negotiate With Creditors

You’ve got your list of debts, it’s time to start negotiating. If you feel reluctant or nervous about doing this, remember these companies, and the people who work for them, have these kinds of conversations everyday. They are used to it so don’t feel that anything you say, or ask, is untoward.

Following this step by step plan to start negotiating:

  • Step 1: Contact your credit card company and politely ask to speak to an Account Manager. Write down that person’s name and number in case you get cut off. Ask them for a better deal or settlement offer on your credit card.
  • Step 2: Call the Account Manager back directly and make a counter offer or ask them why they can’t reduce the interest you’re paying.
  • Step 3: Once you reach an agreement on what’s realistically affordable, get it in writing, by email is fine. 
  • Step 4: Keep up with your new payment plan or settlement figure. 

Remember to always stay polite and cordial. Whilst managing debt can feel emotional because of the sway it holds over your life the credit card company will insist that everything is detailed in the terms and conditions of your agreement which you signed up to.

And the people on the end of the phone are simply doing their jobs. They want to provide you with a good customer experience, on the whole, so keep that in mind when negotiating. 

Refinance Debts

If the negotiations don’t make much headway, the offer isn’t good enough or there are simply better deals on the market then it’s time to think about refinancing your debt and transferring it to a new credit card company. 

It’s important to remember you’re not taking out an additional credit card here you’re simply transferring the debt onto a new credit card with an introductory offer of 0% over a period of time in order to give you some breathing space to pay off your debt. So make sure you close your old account and chop up the card, otherwise you really will need money desperately!

For the best 0% credit cards in the US check out this list from creditcards.com.

For the best 0% credit cards in the UK and Europe check out this list from moneysavingexpert.com.

Most of the credit card companies on these lists will also have subsidiaries around the world with their own 0% deals available.

Start A Budget

The good news is that you do not need to budget for the rest of your life (if you really hate budgeting). 

start a budget to control finances when you need money desperately

The bad news is if you’ve never budgeted before and you need money desperately then you really need to start. Like pronto.

But don’t worry, it’s really easy and, actually when you start, you might even find you enjoy peeling back the curtain on your spending habits and reasserting control of your finances. 

Trust me budgeting will be the best thing you ever started. I know because my money habits were awful and my finances were a mess and it wasn’t until I started consistently budgeting that I was able to dig myself out of that hole. 

Budgeting can feel a bit like going on a starvation diet. But that’s not the case – this is part of the grand money delusion that we have been led to believe that encourages us to spend and live life large. 

You can still do all of the things that you did before, but instead of it being an uncontrolled mess and living beyond your means, budgeting will enable you to pace yourself and ensure that your finances remain buoyant and healthy. 

Budgeting is simply the process of balancing the books and making sure that your expenses never exceed your income.

You can start budgeting today by using my FREE budget templates which will help you to assess all of your outgoings and start controlling your finances and saving money more effectively.

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2. ▶︎ Earn Money & Increase Your Income

Start A Money Making Blog

You might not associate blogging with a way to make money and expand your income but actually it can be a fantastic way to supplement your income.

Blogging can be a great way to make money, through various different income streams like affiliate marketing and advertising. And the returns can be pretty good. 

Some bloggers can earn over six figures per month (yep, that’s six figures per month. Let that sink in!) Michelle, the creator of Making Sense of Cents earns this astronomical amount each month after working hard to create a solid personal finance blog.

So if you want to start your journey towards a six figure income blogging can be a great way to achieve it and I’ve created this super detailed guide below to help you get started.

Get Cashback Whilst You Shop

Swagbucks is probably the market leading company when it comes to cash-back whilst you shop and they provide this in the form of actual ‘swagbucks’ or SBs that you can earn whilst you shop and redeem by earning free gift cards.

In fact if you use my referral code you’ll get 300 Swag Bucks straight off the bat just by signing up.

Want to get started? Here’s what you need to do in 3 simply steps:

  • Sign up for free at Swagbucks using my referral code to get 300 free SBs
  • Shop and earn! You’ll get SBs, or points, everytime you shop online, answer surveys used for customer research of watch videos that you choose to watch
  • Once you’ve earned enough points you can claim them via free Swagbucks Gift Cards online at Amazon. Or you can claim the cashback through PayPal

Start Online Tutoring

Do you speak several languages? Perhaps you’re a math whizz or obsessed with history. You might even be an out of work teacher.

Whatever your area of expertise there’s a good chance you may be able to monetise it. 

Wyzant Tutors

Online tutoring is a great option for making extra money. You’ll need to pay a commission to the tutoring platform that you use but it can be a great option for anybody with a good internet connection and it can be flexible enough to organise around your existing commitments. 

You may need to have the appropriate qualifications to reflect your level of experience. 

start online tutoring

But if this sounds like a fit and your ready to find out more check out the top online tutoring platforms below:

Odd Jobs Via TaskRabbit

A great way to earn extra cash is to take on odd jobs that people in your local community need to get done. These kinds of jobs might not be the highest paying jobs you ever had but the advantages are that they are usually quick to do, relatively easy and straightforward and pay cash in hand.

Odd jobs available for people who are short on time or elderly neighbours that need the support include things like:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • General Handyman
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Help Moving
  • Contactless Tasks
  • TV Mounting
  • Delivery Services
  • Gardenwork & Removal
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Painting

You can search your local Craigs List Online for odd jobs local to you or register with a dedicated, online tasking service like Task Rabbit who operate online purely to connect ‘taskers’ with clients who need to get all sorts of odd jobs done.   

Drive for Uber/Lyft

An Uber Driver in London recently told me that he earns £200/$283 per day in normal earning periods. Wow. On a full-time basis that’s like 4k plus per month. 

Of course you need to take into account car costs, fuel, insurance, tolls and any other associated costs you might be able to think of.

Still, if you’ve already got a car this could be a great way to earn extra cash when you need money desperately and fast!

 You can sign up to drive with Uber Right Here!

And you can sign up to drive with Lyft Here.

Check out the advantages and benefits of both and, if you’re unsure which is better, sign up for both!

And before you get started here’s some top tips to make sure you become the best Uber, or Lyft Driver n your area:

  • Always be friendly, professional and reasonable – this will keep your ratings high
  • Go out of your way to provide that little extra, be it opening doors or helping with luggage
  • Switch on surge charging when it’s busy and demand exceeds supply
  • Control your gas usage by driving strategically (i.e. don’t drive in circles looking for customers)
  • Keep your costs low, make sure you get the best insurance 
  • Focus on the things that will keep your driver rating high: be professional, provide excellent customer service – everything that you’d expect from top a class rider service

Get A Part Time Job

I have to be honest, getting a job, be it part time or full time, is not way up the list of my suggestions of things to do when you are desperately in need of money because I truly believe that there are better ways to increase your personal wealth, through things like property investing, stock and shares and creating passive sources of income.

Wait a dam minute: if you already had enough money to invest in property or stocks then you probably wouldn’t need money desperately? Right?

That’s true; but anyone can create passive sources of income, like this blog, which is why I really recommend thinking about starting your own blog and you can check out the way to do that in my super thorough guide below.

With that being said, creating any source of passive income, such as a blog, can take time and effort – which is why getting a part time job is in fact a great idea in the time it takes to create your blog and monetise it.

I spent many years working part time before making the leap into working for myself. 

And part time work is great because if you only work 3 days a week you still have 4 days every week to focus on your side hustles. 

Furthermore, working in an office on 3 days per week, or anywhere really, doesn’t really suck the life out of you in the same way that a full-time job would (in my experience). That’s mainly because by the time you get to the middle of your working week you’ve generally only got one more day to go. Sweet!

So when you work part time you miss out on all the office politics, the long working week and crippling workloads of full-time employment. Sure, you get less money but the payoff is less stress and more time to work on your side hustles so you can quit the working world for good.  

Become A Virtual Assistant

If there aren’t too many opportunities for part time work available in your local area, you could always think about launching yourself onto the internet as a virtual assistant.

become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are remote personal assistants that manage all sorts of administrative tasks completely online. So you’ll need to be handy with a computer and it helps if you have great communication skills and an ability to use different types of software.

  • Decide which services, tasks and duties you’ll offer your clients
  • Check your competitors and decide on your pricing structure
  • Launch your website/online profile and create your online presence
  • Start pitching and networking online
  • Build relationships with existing customers and get referrals

One of the best ways to find out if being a Virtual Assistant is a good fit for you is to check out the existing virtual assistance services available in the video below:


If you’re not quite ready, head over to Fiverr Learn where you’ll able to take an online course, brush up on your skills and get ready for a whole new world of money-making opportunities online.

And if you’re already freelancing and want to free up your admin time so that you can focus on your clients you’ll probably want to check out And.co below which is online service for freelancers who want to streamline their admin:

3. ▶︎ Get Financial Help When You Need Money Desperately

Why are we so afraid to ask for help, especially when it comes to our finances?

If you need money desperately then there’s never really a more important time to ask for help, and yet it can seem like the last thing you want to do. I think it’s down to the cultural associations that many of us have about money being a taboo subject.

get financial help when you need money desperately

And when you’re down on luck asking for help, especially when it comes to money, can make it seem like you’ve failed somehow. Well forget that right now, everyone goes through tough times in life, the most important thing is to learn and grow from it. 

Asking for help is essential if you want to get ahead. And the best bit? There are support agencies, organisations, charities and individuals out there who want to help those in need. 

When I was a student with barely enough money to feed myself I applied for a hardship grant with no hopes or expectations only to be advised I would receive the maximum amount available of $3,500.

Even the President recommends it: 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It shows you have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and to learn something new.

Barack Obama

Here are some immediate things you can do to ask for help:

Request Payment Holidays

Payment holidays are when creditors offer payment holidays to their customers who are struggling to make payments. They are different to renegotiating your debt because you don’t get a better deal, the payments are simply paused.

You can ask for payment holidays on mortgages, loans and credit cards but your lender doesn’t have to agree to them.

Contact your lender, explain your situation, make your request  and see what they might be able to offer.

Find Out About Bursaries, Scholarships & Grants

If you’re a student you could be eligible for literally thousands of dollars worth of funding that you might be eligible for in the form of bursaries, scholarships and grants. 

Most countries with a fully functioning University education system offer this kind of support and when you need money desperately it can be a lifesaver.

bursaries, scholarships and grants are available for eligible individuals

And unfortunately many students believe that they are just not eligible. Students already think they are privileged in being able to attend university so they don’t take advantage of the kind of free money that is available to them when they need it  most. 

In the US bursaries and grants make up a massive proportion of student funding. The US Education Dept publishes it’s list here but there are literally hundreds of websites with information about available grants to apply for. 

The UK also has some weird bursaries, grants and scholarships available, including a grant for being a vegetarian and Save the Student have published some fo the stranger forms of free money available in this form here

And if you’re already at university most institutions have grants available covering a wide range of needs including this like hardship funds. In fact, when I was at university and facing difficulty I received over $2,700 in the form of a hardship grant to help me with living expenses!

Whatever country you live in, if you’re studying or thinking about it, make sure you fully research the grants, bursaries and scholarships that are available so that you can take full advantage of the free money available when you need it most. 

Help With Food Bills

Food bills can be one of the biggest expenses we have so if you need money so desperately that you’re struggling with food bills there is absolutely no shame at all in using a food bank.

A food-bank will normally be able to provide a few days worth of meals, household items like toiletries or cleaning products and sometimes support with energy payments. 

You can find your nearest food bank in America on Feeding America whilst The Global Foodbanking Network will help source food banks from Botswana to Bulgaria.

Support With Utility Bills

If you’re struggling to pay your utility bills contact your supplier to let them know your situation and be honest about it. 

Most utility providers will have options to help you pay your arrears. You won’t be able to wipe the debt, except in extreme scenarios at the discretion of your supplier, but it’s in the utility companies interests to support you in paying your bills.

Apply For Government Support & Benefits

Many governments around the world have some form of welfare schemes to help their citizens when they need money desperately. 

These schemes are intended to help the neediest in society and can include hardship payments, social security benefits, seeking-employment allowances and other benefits to support those in need. 

Your government or local city council will have more information about the types of schemes that are available to provide support. Remember, when you work you pay taxes. Your tax payments, when you are working, pay for social schemes to help those who are desperate and in need of money to pay for the bare essentials.

If you find yourself in this situation then do not be reluctant about finding out what support is available because the schemes exist to support citizens when they need it most. 

You can find a pretty extensive list of the organisations in many countries around the world that provide social security support here.

Take Out A Small Loan

If you have a decent credit card history and are able to apply for low interest loans then taking out a small loan is potentially a short term solution that is open to you.

As I’m sure you probably realise taking out a short term loan is not a long term solution. It can be a useful tool when used correctly and responsibly but bear in mind that every loan application will be recorded on your credit file, so if your not sure exactly what your credit rating is like or you’re worried about damaging it then hold off on making any loan applications until you’ve got more knowledge.

Just because you need money desperately doesn’t mean you should damage your future chances of taking out a loan or a mortgage. 

Ask A Friend or Family Member for Help

Asking a friend or family member for help when you need money desperately really depends on the kind of relationship you have with your friends or family members.

It can in fact be one of the easiest solutions to your cash shortfall but don’t expect them to say yes and only ask if you are absolutely confident you can repay them back promptly and to an agreed timescale.

The pros are that they probably won’t insist on applying a hefty interest rate but be warned, if you don’t fulfil your repayment obligations or you allow the ‘loan period’ to drag on then you can kiss that relationship goodbye.    

Always remember asking a friend or family member to help you out with quick cash to cover bills is not a long term sustainable solution. Treat it as a final option when you’ve tried everything else.

4. ▶︎ Sell Stuff To Raise Quick Cash

We’ve covered the immediate things you can do to change your money mindset, cut back on your expenses, control your debt and seek out help where possible.

Now it’s time to get entrepreneurial and start exploring the ways you can make money.

Sell Stuff on Amazon or eBay

I have made thousands selling stuff on eBay and Amazon and once you get into it, it can be strangely addictive. The things people will buy!

It’s also a great space for selling products that you might have acquired. For example, when I wanted to reach a wider, international audience for the fashion accessories brand that I set up (see Passive Income Idea #41) I complimented that business by simultaneously selling online via Amazon.

It’s not the most passive of income ideas unless you can pay someone to manage your stock, postal and returns for you but it is a good way to generate some extra cash from the stuff you no longer use or the products you’d like to sell.

If you wanted to scale up your eBay or amazon stop you could consider dropshipping. Bear in mind that dropshipping has been compared as the modern-day equivalent of the gold rush, so as an option for making money, it may not be the most sustainable choice out there.

Sell Your Unused Clothes/Furniture On Poshmark or eBay

A great way to make money fast from things you no longer need, or perhaps have never used, is to go through your wardrobe and sell unused clothes on Poshmark or eBay.

Poshmark has a focus on clothes, home decor and beauty, whilst you can sell pretty much anything on eBay.

You’ll need to get creative with your photography and make sure your lighting and background is good for your product shots.  

A blank background is preferable and if you’ve got image-editing skills even better.

Always send your items well packaged, via recorded delivery to make sure they reach your customers complete and make sure you value your items at a decent price to make it worthwhile. Check the competition to see what’s on offer. 

Sell Your Old Cellphone and Old Electronics

Selling old mobile phones and old electronic devices has become a huge industry in its own right due to the ever growing demand for laptops and mobile phones around the world. 

With new models usually being very expensive there’s hundreds of businesses willing to recycle, refurbish and resell your electronic items and they’ll pay you to do it. 

Head online and see what you could get for your unused mobile cellphone and if you want to see what kind of price you could get, check out Comparemymobile.com.

Sell Any Unused Gift Cards

Did you know that you can actually convert many gift cards into cold hard cash?

This can be a fantastic way to raise a bit of extra cash quick but bear in mind that because you’ll be using a service to convert your gift card to cash, that service will take a 10-20% commission in order to do so. 

Whether or not this will make a lot of money for you depends on how many gift cards you have an how generous your friends and family are!

If you’ve got some gift cards lying around that haven’t yet expired head over to the following websites to see what you could get:

Have a Garage or Yard Sale

You can also sell things you no longer use right in front of your house! 

Choose a beautiful sunny day, lay it all out on some tables, price it up and see what interest you can raise. You might be surprised just how much people are willing to pay for the things you no longer use.

a garage or yard sale can raise cash quickly

Plus it can be a great way to meet the neighbours and make some new friends. 

Having a Garage sale can be a fun and productive way to raise some much needed cash in a short amount of time. 

5. ▶︎ Rent Stuff You Own For Money

Rent Your Car via Turo

TURO is the Airbnb of cars. It’s a fantastic idea with the intention of making all the unused cars parked in people’s driveways into passive sources of income. So when you need money desperately the four wheels you have parked outside could in fact be a game changer. 

TURO will install an automatic unlocking device into your car so that you don’t even have to meet the people who book your car and you can either decide to organise professional car cleaning between trips or clean the care yourself.

I rent my car on TURO and earn over £600/$774 per month during the summer. Check out my earnings profile below:

Monthly Earnings from Renting on TURO Car Sharing Service

My car was pretty much booked every single week and the only time it wasn’t booked was when I had to block it out for personal use from Oct to Dec.

TURO provides a choice of insurance policies with up to $1 million in liability insurance.

In just 6 months I made well over £2,000/$2,575 across 3-4 months which would have been more had I not needed the car for some weekends.

So if your car is sitting empty on your drive, check it out and turn a liability into an asset.

Rent Your Unused Parking Space

No car, no problem! Rent out your unused driveway or parking space (if you have one).

It might surprise you how much you can earn.

In the US you can use a company like Stow It connecting storage space with, well people who need storage. In the UK there are companies like JustPark who lead in the parking space sector and who provide healthy commissions to anyone providing parking space via their site.

Rent Your Spare Room

Known in the UK as a ‘getting a lodger’, or ‘roommate’ in the US your dejected spare room can be a significant source of passive income, depending on where you live.

International cities can command as much as $1,000 or more for a room. In some places, that’s a full-time salary!

If you don’t own your apartment it’s important to double-check that your landlord permits you to sublet your spare room. And how much you make will be dependent primarily on the location, but also the size, quality and furnishings available.

You’ll want to make sure you get references, a deposit and organise a contract. It’s nothing that a few hours of work won’t sort and you can check out this full guide here.

But there are plenty of regional websites focussed on the apartment-sharing sector. If you have a space lying empty maybe think more creatively about how you could use it to generate cash.

Rent Your Flat or House via Airbnb

rent your flat or house for an additional source of income

Airbnb has created a whole new industry out of people’s spare rooms and empty apartments. With some magical places to stay online AirBnb is the number one room stay sharing website for accommodation outside of the traditional hotel sector.

Apartments, houses, lodges, huts, treehouses, you name it, are available worldwide in every type of location you can think of.

If you’ve got a flare for interior design and a knack for knowing what people want maybe it’s time to turn your home into a profitable, part-time asset.

You can outsource your Airbnb management to one of these property management companies to make it a completely passive free source of income.

In the meantime check out what your property could earn by searching below.

Rent Out Space for Storage

The self-storage sector has grown massively in the last few years and alongside it, the peer-to-peer storage sector has also increased.

Prices are cheaper than commercial self-storage units and spaces are insured, so if you have an abundance of extra storage space why not think about catering to those who don’t and turn it into a cash producing asset.

Some of the leading companies operating in this sector, who will help you get set up, are:

6. ▶︎ Create Passive Income Streams

All of the ideas suggested are great opportunities to cash in when you need money desperately but if you really want to change your life so that you never have to be in this situation again then you’re going to want to focus on building passive income over the longer term. 

It will provide the security you need so that you never have to feel desperate about money again.

Why Create Passive Income?

Implementing passive income ideas = freedom.

It’s that simple.

Creating passive income means you can do what you want because your income is now separated from your time.

Passive income can give you freedom by:

  • separating you from your income allowing the freedom to travel, explore, workout or write blog posts!
  • generating scalable cashflow which means there are no limits on how much you can earn
  • putting you back in control allowing you to set the agenda and make as much money as you wish

One of the best low-cost ways that you can create passive income is to start a blog, which is why I promote it quite often on this blog. 

If you’re interested in learning more check out my in-depth guide right here ▲.

Or you can really get into many of the other different ways to create passive income by checking through my mega list of 47 passive income ideas.

Whatever your into you’ll find something that fits and could help you create money from your interests, experience, passion and creativity.

When You Need Money Desperately… Stay Calm & Carry On!

If you’re in dire straits and you need money desperately it can sometimes feel like there’s nothing else to do but freak out. But realistically speaking that won’t help your situation. Ok, go ahead if it will make you feel better. Then get organised.

Jokes aside, the only way to feel better about money when things feel desperate is to start controlling it instead of letting it control you. 

There are hundreds of ways to make money online, and this blog is itself a blog about making money, but it’s also a blog about staying calm, focussed and living your best zen life, in order to appreciate the things that really matter.

If you need money desperately you won’t get rid of that worry until you deal with your finances but the key to unlocking that power is to first change your money mindset, root out any negative associations and implement some practical strategies that will help improve your finances. In other words: make a plan.

It Sum Up

We’ve covered a lot in this massive post and that’s because well, there’s a lot to go through. 

You see, thinking ‘I need money desperately’ might be the thing that made you click on this post, but when you begin to unravel it there’s so much more to cover in order to help you get out of that scenario for good.

Everything on this list might not be exactly right for you, but if you can make the necessary changes, bring some financial focus into your life and start prioritising the things that matter, instead of spending on stuff you don’t really need, then you’ll soon have a clarity of focus that will mean you’ll never, ever have to think this thought ever again. 


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